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Faceless White Lady

It happened to me while I was still living in the then kampung area Lim Chu Kang with my parents. It was an old house belonging to my grandfather. As you all may know, Lim Chu Kang is notorious for several “ghost” sightings in the past reported by folks in the early days. I’m just glad I managed to get away unscathed….

I was sick for several days during the time which my parents had to go away for some reason which i was not told. Therefore, they instructed my cousin to take care of me during that period. Anyway, there was this one night whereby I had a bit of fever and was confined to bed. I remembered i was lying by my back feeling all cold and shivering, with the fan directly in front of me. Being a young child, I had no knowledge of ghosts and the like. Therefore what transpired next was to puzzle and mystify me for several years later..

I was feeling thirsty, therefore I shouted for my cousin to let me drink some water as I was feeling too weak to move. What i didn’t know was that she, an avid gambler then, was busy playing mahjong outside in the living room with her frens…

After i shouted for her for a few minutes, I saw someone walk into the room, rather quickly too i might add. Thinking it was my cousin, i asked her to bring me a cup of water. When she didn’t answer, my soft spoken query escalated in full scale shouting. After a while of shouting, I was tired and decided to give it up, meaning to complain to my parents when they returned about my cousin. When I stopped, my “cousin”, dressed in white, left quietly out into the main hall. It was then my real cousin, clad in red(lucky colour no doubt) came in in asked me what was wrong. Shocked, I asked her why she changed her clothes but she firmly denied it and just brought me a cup of water later. Being a child, after getting my water, i just slept without any further thought about the incident. It was only a few years later when I related my story to friends at school who had lived in Lim Chu Kang before did I get a clearer picture of what had transpired that hot humid night. It seemed there was a story going on about a white faceless lady ghost whom only sick children saw. The children who told their parents what they had seen, didn’t survive their illness. Upon hearing this, I realised that I could not make out any features on the face of the white clad female figure that night…and with a shudder, realised how lucky I was to have survived that encounter and my fever…..

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