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Unnecessary Pleasures

There is a new golf course in Choa Chu Kang, if you hadn’t known by now. The place where it was built on was a forested area. When it was being built, a number of strange happenings occurred in my home, which is just opposite the road.

There’s this instance when my whole family but me went out to dinner in Bt Batok. I didn’t want to go because I’d rather eat at home, as i could cook food that is so much healthier.

I was peforming my early evening prayer when i saw a figure wearing white, with long frilly hair shielding its face peeking at me praying by the door. It looked like it was bodiless, although its white cloth took on a bodily shape. I was stunned, but I held my composure because I didn’t want to ruin my prayer. I prayed slightly more loudly, as shouting would also ruin it. The figure was there for about a couple of seconds before it vanished.

When my family members returned, I related the incident to them. My mom called up my grandfather, who is a pious man and is very knowledgeable in religious matters, and related my experience to him. He advised me to ‘azan’ before performing my prayers and, whenever possible, to pray together with other family members.

My younger brother also told me that once, when the two of us were sitting around in our parents’ bedroom after performing our late evening prayers there as we wanted to use the air-con, he saw the same figure hover behind me before vanishing into our parents’ cupboard.

My grandfather explained that the excavation of the forested area had disturbed the spirits dwelling there, which was why we experienced these things during the construction of the stupid, unnecessary golf course.

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