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Jasmine Flower

I am working as a nurse in one of the restructured hospital. It happened few days back. It was about 10 at night. My pregnant friend asked me to accompany her in the toilet because she need to change. So I stayed inside our locker room while she’s changing in the toilet cubicle.

Suddenly, my friend shouted at me, pleading with me not to leave her alone in there. I told her that I wanted to wait for her outside because the toilet is stuffy. Her voice trembled and I’m kind of worry for her. So I waited for her to come out from the toilet.

Once out, my friend grabbed my hand and quickly leave the place. I asked her what’s wrong and she told me that she had smell the scent of jasmine flower strongly in our toilet cubicle. She can felt the presence of someone was with her in the toilet cubicle. After she relates the story to me, I felt frightened and also puzzled. I don’t really believe in her until I smell the jasmine flower during my night shift.

Until now, I can still feel her presence sometimes in our staff toilet.

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