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The Last Drink

My sister-in-law told me that she had a friend named John. And John had this group of 7 good friends. They will always meet up on Sat at certain coffee shop to drink. Yes, every Sat without fail.

There was this Sat as usual, they met up at the coffee shop for a drink. Nothing unusual happened during the drinking session. After the end of the day, one of John friend named Chris, insist on paying the bill, saying this will be a treat from him for all of his good friends. Well, since someone is paying, all the others were too glad to reject.

When they were about to bid each other goodbye as it was getting late, Chris asked John if he could offer him a ride home as John was ridding a bike. But the strange part was, Chris himself had a bike too. Out of curiousity, John asked him why he was not riding his own bike that day. Chris casually brush him off by saying he lent his bike to a friend. Jonh asked no more and sent Chris straight home. He even see him up to his house as Chris looked a little drunk.

The scary part is about to begin. The next morning when he called Chris to ask if he was OK. His mum answered and said Chris met an accident and had died the day before! John was so shocked that he asked if she was kidding. He told her that they were at the coffee shop drinking with Chris till late at nite and he swore he even send Chris home right to the door-steps! Chris mum told him that Chris had an accident on the way to meet them for the drink.

John still could not believe what he heard, so he called all his friend who were there at the coffee shop to comfirm if they had seen Chris last nite. And all of them said YES.

They still could not believe it till they went to Chris’s funeral that nite. Chris’s mum told them that Chris had wanted to have his last drink with all of his good friends and that is why he insisted on footing the bill.

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