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This happened when i was in sec 3. At that time, i and a group of us about 10 of us decided to have a camping in pulau ubin. The campsite we chose was secluded from the others campsite. Those who had camping there might know the rubber plantation also known as kampung bahru. Anyway our camping site was further into the forest where there is a small patch of botak land just beside the quarry.

We pitched 2 tents and everthing went as per normal. During the evening we met up with our school mates and so we decided to ask them along. Therefore there were a total of 3 tents aligned in a straight row. The place was known by one of friend since he had camped there before and even had an encounter when they saw a figure was squatting down and and staring at them blankly. He remembered that the face was white, long hairs and blackish around the eyes. The moment my friend turns around, he figure gone.

At night i decided to play some cards in one of the tent. Lets say the tent are numbered 1 – 3 starting from the left. So i went to tent number 3 to play cards. After a while i decided to stop and go sit beside a fire while they still continue. Suddenly, one of my friend came towards me and said “Hey! did you knock on my head” I was surprised as i go out of the tent and went straight to the fire to meet my other frens.

So we just ignored the case. We were chating about 8 of us around the fire while sipping coffee when the same guy said he wanted to knock off and he went into the number 2 tent which had a fire since its at the centre of things. So left about 5 of us. After a while, we decided to knock off too. When we wanted to zip up the tent door, come this friend of mine who wanted to knock off earlier came rushing into our tent! I was surprised but he just said shut up and went to sleep.

When we went back, i asked him what hapened and he told me a story. When he can’t sleep in the tent, he decided to join us outside for a drink. When he went out, he saw none of us since we already going to our number 3 tent. So he look for some coffee and while zipping up the number 2 tent, he saw female figure standing behind the number 1 tent wearing a kebaya and was looking straight at him without any expression!!!. Again my friend said that the figure had a black patch of eyes similar to what he saw few months ago while squatting.

I get my hair standing from writing this !!!

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