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The Head

My uncle told me this story a few years back. It took place at jalan bahar. Be warned though… not recommended for the faint hearted. But who am i to stop you from reading it anyway…

It was as if a blizzard had ripped thru the area that nite. It was pouring non-stop and the gale was empowering. A couple, who had juz ended a nite of romance somewhere in town, was driving along that stretch of road at jalan bahar when the engine suddenly stopped. The fuel gauge read: E.

“.. Wah lao! I juz top up the petrol leh…!”, the man said.

“Aiyah juz walk a bit only.. got kiosk in front what… you go and get lah… I’m not going to push this car there hor.. up hill somemore!”, the woman responded.

“Hanna, Hanna, but still raining how?”, as he said that, the rain stopped almost suddenly. “Okok, i go, but you stay in here and lock all the doors hor.. don’t open the door to ANYONE!”

With that, he went off. Upon hearing that, the woman stayed put in her car. As the seconds ticked by, a terrible misty fog started to build up around the car. She couldn’t see anything at all. She began to tremble but kept telling herself to calm down. Juz as the mist was about to clear off…, *BOOM!*.. a loud thud banged on the roof of the car. She was so grapled by the sound, that she turned pale for a moment. She did not budge a muscle. She remembered not to open the door. All this while, she juz sat in the car, in cold sweat. Then, a car drove by, gestured her and pointing to the roof with a shocked expression and sped off hastily. Not 1 vehicle that passed her car dared to stop but did the same as the 1st car.

An hour gone by. She couldn’t take it anymore. Curiosity to find out what was on the roof of her car, overcame her. She stepped out, sloooowly lifted her head towards the roof. And what she saw would scar her for life…

It was her boyfriend’s HEAD! Bloodied and all…

The body was nowhere to be found till this day. Was it an act of savage by humans, or by spiritual powers? Then how can you explain the storm, the sudden halt of rain, the mist?

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