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The Bird Sanctuary

I Know Of This Bird Sanctuary In Changi That is quite favourite spot for lovers since it is very secluded & has thick undergrowth & tress. When my girlfriend & I started dating, we were told about this place by our friends back in our school. So, one evening after school, we went there. True enuff, there were many courting couples to be seen but as it grew darker they all “disappeared” into the bushes. We, too, did the same..

We were walking along a footpath when we got an unpleasant smell- like someting was rotten. We couldn’t detect from where the smell was coming from. Then, my girlfriend happened to look up at the branches of the tree under which we were standin- And she screamed!! Hanging by its neck from a rope attached to a low branch was a human body!! We could hear flies buzzing around it!!

My girlfriend was about to faint & I was scared stiff! However, we staggered out of the bushes & breathed sighs of relief when we saw a man with a broom in his hand, sweeping leaves from the ground. We ran up to him while i shouted in chinese,” There’s a body…. Hanging from the tree!!! Over There!!”

He continued sweeping & gathering leaves.. Thinking he didn’t understand chinese, I repeated what i said in English. But, there was still no response from him. He was stooping down. When he looked up at us, we saw he had a black, horrible face with shining, yellow eyes!! He was grinning!!

We ran as fast as we could until we reached the main road, frightened & scared!

We were really relieved when the driver of a passing pick-up van noticed our distress & pulled up. We told him, panting, what had just happened to us. He offered to give us a lift & sent us to a nearby food centre where we could have a drink & calm ourselves.

When we reached the hawker centre, we thanked him. He turned to us & smiled….. to show a decaying set of teeth. The kindly face had turned sooty & the eyes were yellowish!!!!

My girlfriend fainted as he drove off… The following day, some of our friends visited the place where we had seen the decomposed body, hanging from the trees. But they found nothing. Neither was there a report in the newspaper of a suicide or murder there…………

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