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Woodlands Park

This happened on on Friday, 20th July’01. I and my lover met up as usual at 7.30pm and decided to spend time at Woodlands Park, juz behind my blk. And so, we happily hugged each other and walked, reaching our usual spot, a big rock..where we sit.(Woodlands Park isn’t exactly a comfortable place, it’s all trees and rocks, instead of benches and stuff) When we reached our usual place, we noticed it had been occupied. So we moved further in..

There usually wouldn’t be much people, except a couple of them there, so we chose another spot where it was like an open field with the back of it covered with trees and bushes, more like a forest. The opposite side was open, where we could see flats far away, good enough, only we could see them but they can’t see us. And so, we didn’t want to sit in the open, so we started out to sit on the rock very close to the forest area, only a few metres away, that is..And then, as what usual lovers would do, we were romancing..*ahem, blushes*.

Ok, Ok, enough of that, yep, so, then, as we were there, my lover, who was facing the forest, suddenly stood up, his expression seemed to have changed. He asked me to get up from that place and to move away to another rock far away from that forest area. And so, we did. I felt something was wrong and asked him, he refused to tell me at first. And then, we continued with our business when out of nowhere, I spotted 3 people, all dressed in white, sitting in a cliff-like place ahead of us. If there was anyone having to get to that place, they should have passed by us, or at least be spotted by us. But we didn’t see anyone then..

We got up from that place and returned to our usual rock, as the couple before us had moved away. Then was when my lover told me that he spotted a white figure inside the bushes, watching us..That was why he moved away from there. He said its face was hideous, he’s a brave one and he’s the kind who’s not able to be harmed by spirits or ghosts as he’s protected, and has amulets too. That was why he could see it but I couldn’t, I was so scared after hearing that, that I clung on to him tightly..

And unusually, the park seemed very different that day, we’ve been there alot of times but it hadn’t seemed that way even once, there were some sort of eerie sounds heard. We heard rustling and breaking of branches on the tree which was infront of us..The tree was huge u know, and the branches were far above our heads, I was so damn scared..And surprisingly, the park was darker than usual, alot of the lamps were out, which was unlike usual.

Then came time for us to leave, it was around 10pm and we started off, we had to get down alot of steps in order to get out of the park and as we went, we spotted that many of the lights, almost all except 1 or 2 were out. When we were at the beginning of the steps, there was a lamp about 5 steps below. As we walked past the lamp, it suddenly went off, and the lamps ahead were us were all out already..I pulled my lover’s hand and ran all the way down the steps.

We were relieved when we got out of the park, after kissing my lover goodbye, I returned to my blk and took the lift alone, still abit shaken from the incidents. And I was fearing for something to happen in the life, the lift was suddenly soo slow, it seemed forever and there were thuds coming from above, on top of the ceiling of the lift, man, I tell u, I had hell in that lift, after I got out of the lift, I ran all my way back to my house.

The first thing I did when I got back home was to wash my legs ‘clean’ and call my lover’s handphone to ask if he was ok and tell him my eerie ride on the lift..Wow, it was almost the first time I had such an experience, and I was really lucky not to have got into any trouble with that ‘thing’ cause my lover was with me..If not, I was the type who was ‘weak’ and very easily abled to get into trouble with ‘it’.

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