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The 2 Sisters of Bedok Reservoir

After a late night out partying with my friends (Fariq, Farez and Iskandar), we decided to go back to my place since my parents have gone on a trip to Malaysia. Since we were not that tired and are still in a partying mood, we went to get some more alcohol from the 7-eleven store and headed for my house. As we got out the lift on the 9th floor, we noticed a young lady at the end of the corridor. We were quite shocked to see a young lady, all alone at about 3.00 a.m. I don’t know whether it was just me but I got an eerie feeling just by looking at her. The hair at the back of my neck suddenly stood up. I told the guys to just ignore her and went back to my house.

Soon, we forgot everything about her and proceeded with our drinking session while watching T.V. One of my friends, Fariq, decided to cook some Maggie noodles. After the meal, the rest of my friends and myself went back to the living room and continued to watch T.V. while Fariq was left alone in the kitchen to wash the dishes.

The sitting position in my living room was as such that I was facing Farez and Iskandar with my back to the window while they were facing the window. After a few minutes of watching the T.V., I looked up to see Farez and Iskandar looking straight at the window as if they were seeing a ghost and at the same moment, we heard plates crashing to the floor. A split second later, Fariq came running out from the kitchen displaying the same look that was on the faces of Farez and Iskandar. Sensing that something was wrong, we decided not to talk about it. You see, since it is a Malay belief not to talk about ghosts or the supernatural late at night, we just hung out together till morning.

So morning came and I asked the guys what really happened. Farez and Iskandar told me that they saw a lady outside my window. The scary part is that the lady didn’t seem to be walking, more like floating by and at that same time, while Fariq was washing the dishes, he happened to look out the kitchen window to see a lady in white sitting on the laundry pole (ON THE 9TH FLOOR?!?!?!?!).

We decided to confess to my parents of our wrongdoings while they were away. I got a really good trashing from my father since it was a sin for a Muslim to be drinking alcohol. He told us that most probably the “sisters” had followed us home since our bodies were not clean and we might be easy “targets” for them. Lucky for us, no harm had been done. After that incident, we learnt a very valuable lesson and decided not to drink alcohol anymore.

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