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My Mother

I used to live in Clementi near the woods where there are jogging track, railway, highway and etc. This incident happened when I was still there.

At about 6+ in the evening, my parents were ready to do some grocery shopping. I was in the bedroom busy with my PC writing stories ( It’s a GHOST STORY – For fun, see if I can came up better than “Exorcist” ). So before they left, my mother came up to me and reminded me to shut my windows if it rains or if I went out. ” No problem… ” I said – its only my room one ( My parents have this habit to shut all the windows in the area where there is no one ). Not only that, she also asked me to switch on the lights when its *Maghrib time.

Soon, they left and I was all by myself. It started to get dark, so I went to switch on the light only in my room cause I couldn’t be bothered with the others. I continued with my stories and suddenly … noises were heard from my parents room which was located opposite mine. Hey! … Hey! Wait a min…

Now, for what happened was something incredible and I AM NOT LYING!!!). For a moment my body froze but only my hands were still moving on the keyboard. That noise sound familiar, it’s my mother voice. It was chanting some holy words. My mother always did that after every prayers, it’s called “BerZikir”.

On this part of the incident, I really did not know why it happened but it just happened. I was totally feeling eerie but after all this was what happened. Out of the sudden, I forward myself and peeped to the other side ( My PC was located just next to the door ) the noise was gone. There was nothing, no weird figure or whatever. STRANGE but I AM AN IDIOT TO SCARE MYSELF. Cold sweat was running through my whole body, I could feel my head was wet. Then I leaned myself back but not feeling calm. The moment I did that, the voice came back. It grew louder and louder. I just sat there staring at my PC. It was so long that I managed to stand up … THIS ACTION WAS MORE STUPID THAN THE FIRST REACTION. My leg walked toward the other room, it was quiet and calm. Maybe I should switch the light on. I quickly click the switch and walked away as fast as I could. I knew it will help. I AM DAMN RIGHT. But this thing proved me wrong.

As I was about to sit back, it appeared again. This time, it seems like whispering to me but I was feeling so calmed like never before. My instinct told me to turn back ran to that room and open the windows. I did and gentle wind blew by my side. It seems something was sliding on my right shoulder, the calm was still there till a phone rang. My mother called to just asked me about some food stuff but she also kept reminding me to shut the windows. After the called, with empty mind and eyes that never blink, I sat by the phone. My body felt stiff till my parents came back.

But this was not all. That very night I had a dream – I didn’t know whether to call it scary, horrible, nice, blessing, message … OH! whatever … I dreamt where I was in this particular place with FIRE in between platforms where there was no ending. I was sitting on one of the platforms and on the other side were people praying. Their mouths were moving as if they were reciting so loud but I heard nothing. Then suddenly, I was pulled by an unseen force. I was brought nearer to the fire and in that fire it was like there were figures trying to reach for me. The dream seems to be alive, in my sleep I could feel the heat and sweating. I tried to wake up but I felt heavy as if something was grabing me. I was also feeling breathless but my mouth was moving about – it’s like I was chanting some holy words and it seems very difficult but to tell you the truth at that very age I never knew any special prayers only some easy one… the very easy one! It seems my chant had been brought to the dream (That moment I was still chanting in my sleep). The place was filled with my chant, suddenly the force getting weaker and I was retreated. The prayers from the other side could be heard but the weird thing was that I was sleeping on the other platform, so peacefully where in the real world, my eyes just opened so wide. I never sleep back, I feel so uncomfortable.

I told about this to my cousin and you know what she told me ” I think it’s time! It must be a message.”

*Maghrib = Dusk

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