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In Loving Memory

This true story happened 3 years ago.

My deceased cousin, named Rina (not her real name) was a cheerful girl. She was 18 years old then, pretty and sweet. But her whole life came to a stop when something tragic happened to her that led her to death.

Her parent and close relatives up till today are still not sure what is the cause of her death. It’s like she’s gone and left us with no clues. And even her parent denied of knowing anything. I find this to be ironic, as I’m sure that her parent is trying to hide something from us. And now, the issue of her death remains a taboo in our family. During the period when she was ill, her mother had sent her to see the doctor, hoping that the doctor may detect the kind of sickness that she is suffering from. However, the doctor was unable to identify the illness. Her health got worse and to add further, she began to age considerably. She started losing hair and weight. Some people even said that she suffered from anorexia nervosa but how far is this true. She spent the last days of her life coopng inside her home, feeling worried and wondering when her pain will go away.

During the period of her illness, I went to visit her and she told me what she saw that no one could see. At this point of time, I felt worried as she was extremely ill but she insisted on relating her story to me. Eventually, I agreed to listen to her story. She told me, that her late grandmother has wanted to pass her ‘knowleged’ to her but she was not eager to accept the suggestion. I’m not sure what kind of ‘knowleged’ was she referring to. It seemed that there was these 2 spirits who always harassed her. She told me that one of the spirits was wearing white and the other wearing black. She even said that the spirits were in the room with us. I tried to remain calmed but I felt cold all of the sudden, somehow I felt the presence of the spirits. Thinking that she may be a little paranoid and having hallucinations due to her illness, eased my mind. Rina also told me that she occasionally felt a burning sensation inside her body. Her parent knows about this but it is difficult to justify the rationality and truth of her story. Hence, her parent decided to send her to a medium, hoping that the medium may cure their daughter. But, luck was not on their side.

On another visit to her house, she continued her story. This time she told me the recurrence nightmare that she had been experiencing. Rina said that she expected it to happen to her someday. A black crow including the 2 spirits appeared in her dream. But, this time she dreamed that she was in the burning room. In her dream, she heard a deep low voice persuading her to follow. And at this point of time she woke up and saw 2 apparitions that had always ‘accompanied’ her. She had always felt frightened but the frequent encounter with these 2 spirits, her fright wore away.

Her next visit to the doctor was a dissapointment. The doctor exclaimed that she was suffering from gastric and now anorexia. She tried to eat, hoping that she will gain some weight but to no avail. Her health deteriorated. On one fateful night, her father had travelled with her to Malaysia as one of her father’s friends recommended a good medium for Rina. He felt hesitated at first. But after thinking carefully, he finally agreed to seek for the medium’s help.

After Rina recuperated with the medium, she died mysteriously. She left us sooner than we thought. Maybe, if she did not go and see the medium, she may at least withstand a few more months or even years. But, it’s too late to cry over spilled milk…..

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