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Flying White Figure

Though this story was few years back since I was teenager but I still can recall the hold event. It happened when our family made a trip to Kelantan during the school holiday. Anyway, my dad was so excited since the day he bought his new mini van that can occupied thirteen seaters.

My dad drove the van all by himself since my uncle was not familiar with the route that we headed to. The journeys took many hours since then we felt tired and some of us had fallen asleep. I still remembered how it happened.

The time was about almost midnight that I could not sleep and at time I sat just behind my dad while he was still driving. He never felt tired. Suddenly, a white figure flying in front of us from right to left. I quite surprised and shock but I dare not speak one word to my dad. But I wonder what that thing really was and I still looking at it flying into the rubber plantation. Just imgined, I was not scared at all. Infact I asked him what it was. Dad just silent. We are lucky that we did not had an accident or knocked that thing since it was just a meter away from our van.

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