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The Spy

One evening, I was having dinner with my boyfriend, J. After having our dinner at Long John Silvers Bedok Branch, we decided to get the fresh air outside. It was only 9.30pm then. We walked to the nearest bench outside and sat around for awhile. J took out his cigarette and started smoking. Being someone who can actually see the “unseen”, his eyes started wandering around. I began to feel that something is not right.

I pulled J’s arm and wanted to walk away…but J insisted that I stay calm and not move at all. J was staring at something above my head. I started to shiver a little.. I tried to look up but my J pleaded me not to move.Not wanting to be stubborn, I stayed there motionless.

J began to sweat terribly and his eyes turned so red. I had no choice but to remain silent. After about 20 mins later, J held my hands and asked me to walk away from the place fast. I insisted that he explained what was happening but he did not want to. J walked as if he is being chased by someone. We finally stopped to catch our breath at my void deck. While catching our breaths..I asked J again what happened. Guess what was his explanation??

J said that at that point of time when we were sitting down, he saw a lady with very very long hair and in a white long dress….swaying from left to right just above my head. The lady is looking at J and smiling away. I was so shocked to hear that. I felt soo lucky that I did not see it on my own. I can’t imagine wat will happen if I see it with my own two eyes….

Therefore, be careful couples out there, you think you r parents do not know where you are out on a date; someone else might be spying on you..hehehehhehe

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