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School of Signals

I was from the School of Signals. Back in 2001 when i was doing my singla course, i was required to do guard duty at times and whenever we reached this build called Lecture block, we would take a rest at the staircase.

There was this incident when we were resting, we suddenly saw the toilet light turned on by itself. We were sitting there for the entire time and we swear nobody went in. It was a very old toilet and had no sensor of sorts fixed. The strangest thing were after that we heard flushing sounds from the toilet and then the light will turn off by itself again! And thats not the end, we can hear boots walking sound thereafter and what sounded like someone walking away from us. Thought someone was playing prank on us and so we shouted “HALT”. There was pure silence after that and we run like hell after!

In our camp, there is also a famous 5 storey building which was always locked up. Some recruits had the chance to went in there and saw many paper charms. Not sure what is the story behind those charms but some recruits had saw before priest came in vans to perform rituals inside the building.

Back in my BMTC days, i was in this Coy called ULYSIS. There was a famous story about a recruit from the batch before mine, who went to the toilet in the middle of the night and came face to face with a lady wearing a red dress washing clothes!

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