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Bukit Batok Nature Park

This is a TRUE story in which was experienced by not 1, not 2 but more than 10 people! It happened @ night, about 12 am @ Bukit Batok Nature Park.

There were about 20 of us. We were having an overnight sleepover @ a place nearby. After we had our prayers and dinner, one of the senior Abang suggested to have a night outing to BBNP for fun and thrill. Immediately everyone agreed without thinking the outcome of the planned visit to a mini-jungle, full of unearthly creatures, especially late @ night…

Well, we made our way there on foot and as group, we were in high spirits, afraid of nothing…(Yah like real like that). We made our way up the slope and @ first we saw something moving in the distance. When we inspected it, it was actually a young couple trying to enjoy…well you know THAT thing. Duh! Thought it was a ghost…wasted…but later, we got what we wanted.

As we trodded up the tracks and through the vegetation, dogs howls were heard.(Those eerie type like in the movies) Some of us began to ask whether this was a good idea. The howls got more and more and got louder and louder as we approached the lake area further in the park. When we reached the lake, things suddenly became utterly quiet…too quiet. The senior Abang-Abangs then told each of us to find an own spot and do some self-reflecting on our actions.

Then,frog croaks were heard. They were quite soft, relaxed and few BUT as time passes by it got more and more. It got louder AND sounded more urgent. The moment the croaking got absolutely unbearable and urgent, our senior Abang-abangs told us to gather and immediately we went off.(I suspected something was fishy and especially when I noticed a WHITE piece of cloth was dangling on top of a very large tree @ the centre of the park. Could it be a…)

As we were walking down the slope feeling quite scared and quiet, one of our senior Abang came running from the back of the pack, shouting,”LARI! ADA HANTU!” (Run! Got ghost!) We then immediately sped off like hell, without looking back until we reached the main road outside.

Everyone was pale and scared to our pants. The senior Abang then laughed @ us for believing him as it was a joke and we walked back to our place, cursing him. But later i went up personally to him and asked him whether the prank was true. To my horror, it was actually TRUE. He just wanted to calm us down and make sure that we were scared.

I just sat down there staring blankly…WHAT was chasing us down @ BUKIT BATOK NATURE PARK just now…

Up for you to decide…

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