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BMT In Tekong

During my BMT in Tekong, heard many stories but have not encountered any personally. Personally i feel if you think right, it won’t affect you.

I remembered hearing pork wasn’t allowed in our camp and it needed to be blessed and stuff when they were brought into the cookhouse(non Muslim of course) for cooking. Anyway during my BMT, i had an interesting section mate who spent a couple of years at overseas who doesn’t believe the pork rumors. So on the parent visiting day, he made his parent bring along the Chinese BBQ roast pork(Bak Kwa) which he intended to bring it to the bunk. From what i know, our instructors were not very happy about it and for no reason at night, he suddenly got fever and pneumonia. Pneumonia normally would have some symptoms like coughing and what not but interestingly his came immediately without any sign.

Then also heard of stories of recruits who woke up in the middle of the night to visit toilet and met something strange like another recruit staring into the mirror or wearing “funny” attire which apparent belongs to the WW2 generation.

There was once in my section, when i come out from the toilet, i saw a group of recruits huddled together whispering. I later found out that the night before, a jockey cap which was hung on one side of the locker started swaying on its own in the middle of the night! And it began to swing more and more in a way that seems someone was fanning it. And when the recruit tried to stop it, it immediately stopped swinging. And according to them, 2 more guys saw it.

For me once there was a spooky incident but not sure whether is it spirits related. I was in OCS then on my wing CDO. I was sleeping soundly and suddenly the phone rang, i picked up the phone and there was an eerie silence until a female voice starts saying “I’d like to talk” and she kept repeating it between long silences. I hand up the phone and crawled back to bed and the next day when i spoke to my cadet sergeant about it, he said i wasn’t the first person to receive a phone call from a lady in the middle of the night!

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