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Back For The Last Time

One of my friend’s female cousins died on the spot after meeting with an accident dressed in her JC uniform after falling from her boyfriend’s motorbike. My friend was quite close to her. So on the early morning 7th day, my friend spent the night with her aunt but my friend could not sleep and spotted her dressed in her JC uniform eating the food offered on the table in the house. She was in chains on her wrists and ankles and two unsightly creatures with the smell of rotting flesh were between the cousin holding her tightly by the arms. My friend also said her cousin was wearing a kind of square wooden board with a hole in between for putting her neck in the middle. She wanted to move around but was dragged constantly by the creatures by the collar of her JC uniform and her arms side by side.

My friend closed her eyes quickly when she smelt the rotting smell and did not dare to get up until morning because she sensed that one of the creatures were looking in her direction. Seems like her cousin is quite rebellious and even fought with her parents at times. The cousin got into bad company,lied and stole from her mother as well.

My friend told me she dreamed of her sometime later. The cousin cried and told her she was stripped, tortured and locked up in a cell for her sins. What do you think will happen to the cousin in the afterlife?

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