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Third Eye Charm

Ah Boo was a mahjong’s addict. Whenever anyone is in need of a kaki, just call him and he will arrive, anywhere, anytime. But Ah Boo is always on a losing streak. Ah Boo tends to get angry whenever he cannot game a big win and he would slam his cards or angrily push the tiles away or sometime throws the tiles. Although everyone dislike his antic and told him off, he never listen.

One day, Ah Boo’s uncle gave him a charm and told him to swipe it on his eyes before the mahjong game. He told Ah Boo that he will see the reason why he’s always on a losing streak. Ah Boo did that. Then he saw that there were mahjong ghost surrounding on the tables. These ghost would cling onto the table edges and peer through the cards. Whenever Ah Boo slammed the cards against the edges of the table, these ghost would have their fingers slammed by the cards. Then these angry ghost would get angry and changed the cards that Ah Boo is supposed to draw into something else so that Ah Boo can never win.

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