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When I was very young (around primary 1 or 2) I always had the same nightmare where everyday late at night after I go to bed there will be this headless ghost in my dream scaring me. And because of that every night I will wake up automatically crying cause I’m just too scared. If I’m not wrong I didn’t really tell my parents about it and was suffering in silence.

Until one day, my mother realised that I kept crying during the night for lots of days, she went to ask a person that have connection with the God (I think) and asked them why I have been behaving like this in the night – always crying. The God then told her that there is a headless ghost playing with me and I think the God ask her to do something and the headless ghost eventually stopped appearing in my dreams.

It was a horrible nightmare and the last dream I could remember with the headless ghost was when the ghost was a scary clown have a creepy and evil smile at me. I’m 13 now and I’m still a bit afraid of the nightmare I had when I was young. I’m a bit curious, I’m so young at that time, it couldn’t be possible that I did anything wrong to the ghost that offends it but why does it come to my dreams and scares me? Maybe I did something wrong but I’m just glad that it doesn’t haunt me anymore.

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