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BMT Ghost Buddy

During BMT, in the middle of the night, my buddy woke me up in the bunk.

Buddy: Hey, can accompany me to the toilet. need to pee.

Me: What! can’t you go alone..

Buddy: Buddy system mah.. Please man.

Me: okok (annoyed)..

So accompany my buddy to the toilet. And I stand outside the toilet while he was doing his business. And it was taking pretty long.

Me: Hey, Bro. How come you take so long sia??

No replies came out of the toilet…

Me: Oie, bro. Can say something anot? if not I going back to bunk first!

Again, no replies came out of the toilet Clearly annoyed, I shouted at him again.

Den I saw another bunkmate coming obviously to do his business too. Then I grumbled to him that my buddy was taking very long and depriving my sleep…

Then, the bunkmate looked at me with a confused state of mind. Erm, thought your buddy is on fever this morning. Saw him leaving the company this afternoon leh…

Peered through the toilet mirror… I noticed that isn’t anyone in the toilet! Ran like mad back to my bunk with my blankets covered me. Unable to sleep the whole night

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