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The Dream

It all started when i was only 15 years old. I used to dream strange things in my mind that i can imagine that i was in a place where there is nobody around, except a very dark surroundings around me. I was standing alone and i couldn’t think which where to go. As i walked around, i saw a familiar light that i have seen before. Where was it? When is it? As i moved further, i came across a kindergarten school where i used to studied when i was in K1 and K2. This place…. i don’t know that dream had brought me here.. Something tells me that something had happened here before.. So this place is quite close to my home as my home is just next by to the place.

I try to run back home back but the “force” had pulled me back to the place.., After that, i heard some laughter around me… When i was almost there, i saw a pontianak in front of me. So i decided to escape from her but i couldn’t because she is blocking me from going back. Every time , the thing keep on repeating again and again .. Its like a video keep on rewinding again. I try to woke up but i couldn’t woke up. So i decided to read Al-fatihah. After that, i ran back home even though the thing is chasing me. So i quickly ran back to the door, open it and lock the door quickly. Once i woke up all of a sudden, my body is filled with all of the sweat… So i say to my self ,” Alhamdulillah.. hope that the “thing” wont ever chase me again…. “

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