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This story was when I was 10 years old, I was alone at home at about 9.30pm,watching tv and minding my own business. My mother was out to a barbeque cocktail until late at nite, and told me to sleep by myself at 9pm.

I ignored her instructions and continued watching TV, suddenly I heard this really loud knocking, it seemed to be coming from my bedroom. I didn’t pay much attention to it, perhaps it was just some birds accidentally knocking against my window.

Suddenly, the knocking started again, this time it was louder. I decided to go to my bedroom to find out what it was. When I looked at my window, to my horror, I saw a headless white figure outside, knocking and knocking and knocking. Petrified, I ran outside. When I peered back in a few seconds later, the thing was GONE!

I didn’t dare to go to sleep, i just stayed outside shaking like a winter leaf, when my mother came back I told her everything. Thinking I was imagining things, she told me to just go to sleep. Suddenly the knocking started again. I quickly dragged my mother into the room, and again I saw the white figure outside. It was knocking. I could hear it with my own ears and see it with my own eyes!

What really freaked me out was my mother said she didn’t see or hear anything at the window. So did I have some weird power to see the supernatural? My heart was palpitating hard. By then I was really scared, so my mother slept in my room that night. The knocking or the headless figure never returned.

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