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Foot On The Door

It was the second month of my friends baby. We were so happy to celebrate her second month on earth. My friend’s mom prepared a small snack for everybody. It was past three in the afternoon. I arrived there in the midst of celebration. When i entered the house i felt someone is staring at me. While all of the people are enjoying outside, I managed to scoop a plate of pasta on the big wok located on the floor and towards it is the front door of the house. I just felt that someone is nearby so my eyes wondered around yet the direction of my face remained down on the wok. As i raise my vision a bit higher i saw a feet besides the door and seems like somebody is staring at me while half of her/his body is hidden on the door. I was stunned for a few seconds as i focusing on the foot. When i trace the foot and look above. Suddenly it vanish.

I think self opening of my third eye has something to do on what happened. Although it is not really open because i can only see them in the side of my eye. Then vanish as i focus my sight on them. I hope someone can help me open my eye completely. Because for me to see everything means to be enlightened….

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