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Laughing Pontianaks

It was about 2a.m when my uncle was driving a car with my mother at his side. There were hardly any cars on the road that night. The two of them were chatting to each other when suddenly they sensed something strange. Their car was approaching the tunnel when suddenly something caught my mother’s eyes. She saw two women wearing ‘baju kurung’ (Malay traditional costume) on top of the tunnel entrance. They were chatting and giggling happily. My uncle stopped his car to see what would have happened next. The two women just continued their chatting and ignored my uncle and mother.

The two women were properly dressed and looked like any common women. A few minutes later, they sensed things weren’t right so my uncle started his engine and drove away before anything happened. My mother believed that the two women were ‘pontianak’. Luckily, they didn’t do any harm to my uncle and my mother.

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