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ODAC Night Hike

There was this ODAC night hike a few years back when I was in AJ first 3 months. I think it was 1993. We gathered very late at night at Macritchie reservoir. We hike along the cross country path n before long we came to the cemetery opposite it. There will be group walk n solo walk. It was during the group hike that something happened. We were walking in an Indian file when I saw people(or …..) walking towards us. If I remembered correctly, there were four of them, each supporting a wooden stilt on their shoulders, walking in unison n in rhythmic foot steps(imagine Chinese vampires bouncing together, get the picture?).

My group passed them n while going pass, no one turn their heads. They didn’t notice us too. It was a while after that then I initiate the Qns: “Did u see what I saw?” Then the person behind me n a few other who overheard chorus “U saw the coffin too……n the coffin bearers?”. That happened along time ago but my frenz n I still discuss about that particular,creepy nite. Coffins sighted at nite? Burying the dead at this unearthly hour(It was 2/3am)? Who are those (people?)? When u walked the ground at nite, u will hear sounds of twigs breaking underneath ur feet, leaves ruses. But I didn’t hear any noise from them………

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