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Eerie Tissue Paper Auntie

Wonder if you all are aware; recently there is an old lady who sells tissue papers near MRT exits. She sits on a wheelchair and sings like chanting: “one dollar, one dollar, tissue paper one dollar … ” (etc, plus some auspicious words like wishing you good lucks) the spooky thing is, she seems to appear in every MRT station exit no matter where you go. she is no where and is also everywhere.

My friend actually told me this, not sure it is true or not: he used to buy the $1 tissue paper from her, but when he reached home either the tissue papers turn into dried leaves or hell money notes. i laughed when i heard this. But today, i saw the one dollar tissue lady again at outram park mrt exit. i looked into her eyes … sensed something unusual.

Next time when you see her, pay some litte extra attention to her eyes and the tone that she sings (chants) the chants will echo in your head ‘one dollar, one dollar, tissue paper one dollar.

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