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I Got Freaked Out

This happen to mean during my time spent in paya lebar air base. I had just finish my BMT on the 9 of august 2003 and was posted to Paya lebar air base as an RP. I told my family members about the posting and they were happy for me because to them having posted to an air base means lighter duties. My uncle is a regular in another air base( i shall keep his identity secret because he is still currently serving ), he told me to be careful and said all airbase are dirty! I nodded and didn’t really care as i was a free thinker. So i reported for my duty and was on training for 2 months there before we are officially on duty for the base.

Incident #1:

I was on OJT and we had prowling duties, me A and L was grouped together to prowl the inner base. At first we are afraid because inner base was well known for those dirty things and we had to go through a long stretch of road without lights by foot. We call that stretch “Twilight Zone”, upon entering we lost site of our surroundings. It was total darkness and the only light we had was the super beam torch. It is a super torch light in a gun form. It shoots bright lights at places you point at. Now the story begins, as we were walking A was playing with light gun and shooting into the forest suddenly L spotted something and told us about it, me and A claim it was nothing and we should just go on but L was sure he saw something. So we pass him the light gun and wanted to search deeper into the forest when suddenly the light gun malfunction!!! .. OMG we are stranded without lights in the twilight zone!! Than we remembered we have flash lights so we form a triangle formation back to back looking at the surroundings, L suddenly instructed us to quickly move on with our fore head visible and ask us to put on our beret. we wont allowed to put on our beret because we are still on OJT at that time. after walking quickly for a few mins L told us to run as fast as we can to the next check point.

After reaching he told us there was a lady in white in the forest looking at our direction and it was following us when we move of and the the reason for putting on the beret is because the crest on it was blessed and will protect us from dirty things !

Sorry didn’t have time to finish the full story the other time so im back to complete it.

Incident #2:

There was this internal check point in the base at the entrance of an air field in paya lebar air base. that place has practically nothing accept 2 empty water blocks ( the one you see on the road red and white one ). At night this checkpoint is only guard by 1 rp.

| |
| |
| ===|______
| ______
| |
|=== |
|me |
| |
| ^ |
| ^ |

As the diagram i drawn above show my position and the 2 water blocks. I was doing my duty in the middle of the night from 1am to 5am so i prepared myself for that duty because im going to be alone there.

So i draw my weapons went over to that checkpoint and took out my mp3 player slot it in my beret and plugged it to my right ear. It was ver silent other than cars passing by once in a while when suddenly there was a loud bang behind me. To my suprise the water block behind moved from its position. I raised my weapon and walked slowly towards the checkpoint and found nothing there, i looked around me and realise there wasn’t anyone within 100 metres around me. I pulled back the block to its original position and went back to where i was standing. I was already thinking y would it moved but didnt think to much as i didn’t want to scare myself. 10 mins later there was this loud bang again!! The water block moved again !! this time i ran over to see if there was anything but again there was nothing within 100 metres of where i am. There was no bushes , covers holes anyone can hide in. i Realise this is something i cannot explain so i kept quiet and continue doing my duty until 5am. In that 4 hrs i heard bangs almost every 15 mins. I ignored and waited for my replacement to take over me.

Finally he came and i went back to base. I called him when i reach back and ask him if the wter blocks were out of place but he told me they were all in place. Lucky that was the last time i did duty at the checkpoint.

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