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Jalan Terus

This incident happened to recently (8/3/09)It happened along Lornie rd,I was driving a taxi that morning at about 0135hr.where i saw a lady hailing my Taxi.I stopped and pick her up and asked her where she wanted to go in Malay cause she looks like a Malay.I asked her a few times but with no reply then i asked her in English,and she Jalan Terus(go strait)and i move my taxi heading to Thomson rd.”Terus…terus” she kept saying and along upper Thomson rd she say “sini belok”asking me to turn into Old upper Thomson.It was a dark and creepy rd,and in the middle of nowhere she say “sini berhenti”(stop here).

I say Miss where are you going? again she said “berhenti…berhenti”I have to jammed my brake to stop and as I turn over to collect the fair.I was shock to see there was no one sitting in my taxi.I quickly step on my accelerator to speed off when I saw that women crawling in all four heading towards the bushes on my right.I quickly drove off and find a petrol station to calm down my heart beat and get some drink and to think exactly what happened to me.

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