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Dancing Ghost

Some ghosts are always there where they died and they becomes a famous ghost. my friend’s aunt was working midnight shift at the hospital one quiet night. she had been hearing about the “dancing ghost” from alot of her colleagues but she waved it off saying that she do not believe in such things. but apparently this famous ghost haunt the hospital ward after he died for years. so some says the more you do not believe the more it is likely to happen to you. so during the night in her shift she was doing writing out some rooster thing at the nurses counter. suddenly from the corner of her eyes she noticed something or someone was bouncing around her counter. she immediately thought of the rumours about the dancing ghost that her colleagues were talking about.

She was rather scared but decided to look up thinking perhaps it’s just her own imagination. but when she looked up from her work there it was bouncing around her counter left and right left and right. there was nothing very distinctive about it, it’s just a translucent white man with no expression bouncing around. she was so scared she turned her head back to her work and daren’t look up. then the thing stopped bouncing and merely stood at one corner just staring at her for the longest of time. she was literally frozen in fear that she kept her head bowed from 2am to 6am then she dare to lift up her head since it’s already day break. the thing has left and she finally believe. so next time even if you do not believe what someone tells you, just keep it to yourself and not say it out else it will make you believe it’s existence.

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