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Dream Of Cik Pon

Ok this dream happen to be yesterday towards to midnight.. How come i will dream of her.. reason simple, i will cut it short and linked it the the dreamt i am talking about.. One particular day me and my friends decided to go clementi to have some walk.. Apparently, when i was about to step in i saw a white colour clothing was flashing by..

I ignored thought could be hallculation or what, may be i am tired so i brush it off. The further we walked i realise there is some sweet flower scent been following us for quite sometime. I brush it off again, But i told one of my friend who is a spiritual healer.. he just kept quiet and continue and walk.. So we purely ignore everything and went back.

Than a few nights keep seeing her.. but yesterday is a dream.. i dreamt of her in a huse.. she was at the door unable to come in.. i am relatcunt to bring her in.. so i realise that my hand was holding some joss paper i remember i been taught how to chase ghost using this.. so i use and chant it..and throw it around the huse..than sudden gust of wind came into the huse.. it was cold till ur bones is pain.. just after that i woke up and still sense of coldness. I did alittle prayer and fall asleep again..

How come i dreamt of her?? does she have unfinsh business?? i dont know…

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