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Dad Passed Away

You guys should know by now i have a special gift. Do you having a special gift you can see what normal people cant see is a issue also??

I tell you why..

There is one fatal night that my dad telling me he is very “xin ku” (which means feeling not well and uncomfortable) i asked him, are you ok?? he say he is not well, feel breathless.. i was panic.. i quickly tell my sister to call my mum up (reason be it my dad has a past history of heart attack) so my mum and me decided to bring my dad to hospital..

During the way to the hospital my dad tell me, he might not survive i must be strong i was like about to broke down. Because i know what he meant, he know is time is up ( my dad is a Taoist master)..

When we reached the hospital, the nurse pushed him to the treatment room and suddenly my phone (whom he bought for me) drop and shattered to piece.. I know something is not right..

Minutes later one of the nurse came to me and ask me to wait at the rescue room i was utterly speechless.. (by the way i send him to TTSH and i work at the emergency dept itself) i was right.. my dad is not right..

While waiting at the rescue room, i felt a gust of wind passed by me and enter to the room.. mins later i heard my dad called me and talk to me.. he told me he is no longer with the family he needs to leave and asked me to be strong.. no matter what happen to tolerate what ever going to happen..

I keep thinking is not true.. but he tell me i am not imagination is real!! ask me to take care and possible to learn up something to protect myself and the family from harm..

After he talk to me he left and i cried badly my mum and sister was shocked to my reaction.. i told them dad has left.. they don believe..

Until the doctor came out and pronounced his death to my mum than she realise what i said is truth not joking..

At that pointed of them i really hate myself to have this ability as when your loves one leave you will know and you have to see them leave you just like this..

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