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Haunted Estate

I am 11 years old and i live in Simei. Its not known to be haunted but this experience made me want to tell everybody about it. I have a lot of parties every year and some of my friends stay till late at about 10 so what we do is we go ghost hunting. We get scared but thats the fun and my friends will be prepared to walk to the scariest places of my estate with torches and compases. People say thet compases can track ghosts when it immediately runs wild.

I will usually make a target but on the way we get freaked out with funny noises and run back home but 1 time i only had 3 friends over and we decided to try again. We passed the playground near the semei mrt tracks. I think it was at jln soo bee. We noticed that one of the two swings was moving rapidly up and down it was certainly not the wind as only 1 of the swings were moving and the 1 beside it was still. We were very scared but wanted to carry on so we ran to the childrens outdoor fitness corner. My friend suggested that we head home but the others did not want to so we carried now we were a bit more relaxed and we started walking.

2 of my friends were walking like 2 metres ahead of me and another friend of mine. Suddenly something caught my eyes when i turned in that direction i saw something white with a human structure but i could not see the face of it. It was moving but it was like stuck to a car beside it. I immediately told my friend and he looked at it he told me that it was a man trying to open his car i denied and shone the torch at it, it suddenly disappeared.We were thrilled then my friend was convinced and asked me to off the torch then suddenly there it was again struggling. I called out for my other friends but they were already way ahead and could not hear us. They did not even notice us stop as they were talking to each other. We quickly ran to them and told them what had happened they were not really shocked i think they thought we were lying but we still went now we were at the entrance of a plantation. The eeriness of it creeped us out. Suddenly we heard a noise like a evil laugh. My friend claimed that it was some dog with a sore throat but not far infront of us we saw a lady which i beleived was a pontianak. We all saw it. We were scared by now and ran as fast as we could back home. My 2 friend’s mom were already at my house we told our parents but they did not believe us.After this incident we never went out at 10 pm for ghost hunting ever again and for those people who have never seen ghosts and you want to see 1. Let me tell you that if you see one it would remain in your memory forever!

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