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Bloody Encounter

My brother’s friends were driving along a highway in Malaysia in the middle of the night. As the three of them were cruising at a comfortable speed, the car suddenly stalled for no apparent reason. It was a manual car and they definitely weren’t going too slow for the gear until the car would suddenly stall.

As they were about to get off the car to see what was wrong, they saw a girl with long dark hair in front of them. The girl stood there for a while before she started crossing the road. The three of them started to get scared when they saw that the girl was actually floating in the air. They were scared and helpless. The girl then turned towards them and smiled. Her face was covered with blood and her smile was less than comforting for it was more of an evil grin. They started praying to whomever they can think of though they were never a religious bunch of people. The ghost then moved on and disappeared as she got to the other side of the road. The car then started up by itself and they sped off as fast as they could.

The Chinese believe that seeing a ghost is a bad omen… which may indeed true as they all got sick the next day for a week.

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