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I used to work at Maris Stella High and I usually saw shadows walking around, even though people said ghosts don’t usually hurt people, I was injured by some of them. I was walking up the stairs when I felt someone pull my leg and I just fell down the steps, lucky it wasn’t a long staircase… but it was very freaky, and having the doors slammed right into my face, missing me just by a few cm…

I used to attend the church at Anglican High, it was during one of the church retreats there I felt something trying to crawl into my body and kept hearing voices…. I also heard stories of some students who went into the tower and took a photo and caught something on film, but the negatives and the photo were both destroyed by the principal then and the students were told not to anyhow spread rumours….

I stop going there already and changed to become a Buddhist instead as it is better for me for many reasons. I think during the time I attended the church there I always felt and saw shadows around me.

For Maris Stella High, it wasn’t only me who had experience, almost everyone there, including the office people, cleaners, and teachers. I don’t know about the students but I am sure they have their own stories too.

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