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Loyang Terrace House

It was in 2003, My wife and I bought a terrace located on a street in Loyang. The house was built around 1995 or so. Anyway for those who are familiar with Changi or Loyang area, they would know that vicinity is haunted by three spirits that we know of. One being a infant, the others were the parents.

The main spirit we would hear was the infant crying. My wife and my daughter were there to hear the crying. it would occur between 3 and 5 am if you are out on the street. I told them that it was the neighbors or something.

Later, while we were doing some electrical work in the attic we found and old box up there. It contained a bunch of pictures. We have no idea how it got there The pictures showed the mother the father and a newborn. After we had looked at the pictures I put them on the kitchen table. It was late in the evening and my wife said “let’s go out and eat,” so we locked up everything and left.

When we came home a couple of hours later the box and its contents were all gone. We checked all over the house and found nothing. Well it was 11.00pm and I had to go to work the next day so we went to bed.

It was the following weekend that we decided to finish the work in the attic. Well, I crawled back up there and when I got up I found the damn box were we had found it in the first place. I looked inside to make sure the stuff was still in there. It was, so when I finished the wiring I sealed off the entrance to the attic.

One night I had gotten up to go to restroom I walked down the hall by the kitchen and noticed a light was on and I heard noise of some kind, so I walked in there to see who could have been making such noise. My wife and I were the only ones there at the time and she was asleep. There was this lady standing in front of the sink doing something when I entered the room she faded away. The room was ice cold. It was in the middle of summer and we didn’t have that part of the house air conditioned yet, so something was there.

Every now and then you would hear someone walking around in the house. But when we would investigate no one would be in the rooms were the sounds were heard. Lots of strange things would happen there in that house. Our dogs refused to stay in there. We had one maltese that would go anywhere and wasn’t scared of anything that we knew of but he would cry like a baby if we tried to make him stay inside.

We finally sold the place in ‘06 and bought another house. I haven’t talked to the new owners about the house so we don’t know if the spirits are still there or not. Another thing we thought was strange about the place, was no matter how many times we painted and tried to fix the place up it still remained dreary looking inside and out. Thanks for letting me share this strange event in our lives. Have a nice day….

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