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The Nephew

This story was told by my friend quite sometime ago. But I love to tell this story and look at the listener’s freaked out face after that. Haha.

This was claimed to be true by my friend. It goes like this….

My friend, Shaz, stays somewhere near East Coast ( as many stories here suggest that the place is kinda haunted), but she never encountered anything close to this particular incident.

She has a nephew who often stay over her place. So one day, she came back home and tired from work, chucked her bag to her side when she slumped into the sofa. Reluctantly she searched for the remote control and on the TV to some budget movie.

While she was half watching and half staring the TV, her nephew walked out of his room, dragging his feet to the armchair on Shaz’s right. Shaz, without looking just said hi and continued watching.

10 min later, realizing the silence the nephew had been keeping, without taking her eyes from the TV asked the nephew, ” Eh, why don’t u go inside and sleep? Not sleepy ah?” All she heard was some stirring and faint grunting. Shaz wasn’t at all surprised by his reply thinking probably he fell asleep on the chair.

It was 3am and hopeless at fighting the exhaustion anymore, she off the TV and stumbled and staggered to get herself up to retire to bed. “Let’s go to bed,” she said to the nephew. Again there was no answer so she turn towards him intending to just drag him to bed.

No one was there.

She stood there shocked and confused and suddenly wide awake. And out of a sudden, she her blood turned cold and shiver ran down her spine when she suddenly remembered her nephew was on vacation with his mom. She forced herself to check his room and all corners of her house and there is not a single soul. Except for the scratching and knocking she heard from her room window when she opened the door. She lives on the 8th floor for god sake and the window is facing out (not the corridor side). She automatically turned around like a robot and stayed in the living room with the tv blasting till sunrise.

After that incident, she made her mom to stay with her.

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