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Haunted Ipoh School

I have heard that Anderson school Ipoh is haunted. It was used as a Japanese camp and people were chopped here. The sound of Japanese soldiers marching can be heard. Spirits and ghosts exists but they will never harm us unless we cross their path!!! As long as you are mentally strong and believe in GOD, you can never be possessed. For those of you who were asking whether ghosts physically harm you…the answer is yes they do sometimes.

Here is one story of a man who was harmed by a ghost. This guy had parked his car under a tree and gone for supper with his friends. When he came back he saw a figure( looked more like a man) clad only in black sitting on his bonnet. He politely told the person to get off but the man wouldn’t budge. All this while he could only see the figure’s back so he went closer to the figure and before he could tell him anything the man gave him a slap and then the ran off. He chased the figure but it disappeared. The imprint of the palm on his face was larger than a human hand and it lasted longer than expected. The guy ran a high fever and was hospitalized…he later told doctors the the figure had a disfigured face and was convinced it was a ghost !!!!

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