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A Weird Story

This is a weird story I don’t know if its any good I don’t even know if its worth sending but it’s still weird and unexplainable so read and tell me what you think…

See one night when I was going to bed I decided to let my dog sleep outside so I could have the whole top bunk to myself so I tried and tried to get her to come to me by the latter but she wouldn’t so I took off the wooden bars the ones that’ll stop you from rolling off the bed well I took those off and got her down and put her outside and went to bed (forgetting to put the wooden bars back) and fell asleep but just b4 I was all the way asleep I felt like I was falling down and woke up well that had happen once b4 so I just went back to sleep and then the next morning my mom came in to wake me up and I woke up and was tired and turned over to ask her if I could sleep a little longer but she was gone and here is where it gets weird I fell off the top bunk or so I thought I know my whole body rolled off the bed I know this because I had felt the fear of falling in my heart but the next second I was laying flat in my bed like nothing had happened it was like something caught me and put me back in my bed in a second my heart was pounding and I didn’t know what to think all I knew was that if I would have fallen I would have gotten hit right between the eyes right on the the pointy corner of my wooden desk and no matter how many times I go through it in my mind or how many times I try to replay what happened in my mind (that’s how I knew where it would have hit my head) I can’t figure it out now I moved my desk and got a waterbed I am not taking anymore chances but whatever saved me from falling I am very thankful…

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