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There was an old man,he lived three houses away from my house in Malaysia. Ok, it’s like this, this old man suddenly died . So as Indian customs before the body can be buried a certain ceremony consisted of prayers and and holy songs.

So before the prayers started there were many mysterious sightings. The first sighting happened to me. It wasn’t he first time i saw something unexplainable.

It was about 1.45 am, i was sleeping alone in my bedroom when i suddenly awoke.I suddenly had a weird feeling that there was someone in the room.So i sat up in my bed when i saw it a tall dark man wearing “jippa” traditional Indian clothes which is also worn during funerals. I was so scared i tried to shout but i couldn’t something was holding me back.I got under my blanket and prayed for safety.When i got up everything was alright.

The second sighting happened to me and my maid on the same night. I was sleeping soundly,when i suddenly awoke again and saw the same man sitting on my bed any trying to say something but i could not hear him,i could see his lips moving but there was no speech.My maid also witnessed a the same man walking around the house in the wee hours of the night. Many of my neighbors also witnessed incidents like this.After the ceremony was over the weird sightings stopped.

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