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I used to work for the airline as a ground stewardess. There was this guy there who was a really good friend of mine. Whenever my car broke down he would pick me up and send me home.

One day, I was waiting for him to pick me up but on that fateful day, someone rushed in and said he had died by electricity (holding on to the fridge door when his hands was still wet). I was shocked. That evening, there was a funeral (Thai style). Everyone was looking at me in a strange way. I wondered why. I asked a friend and they all said that they thought I was his fiancee. His fiancee? I never even thought of him in that aspect but apparently he was going to ask me to marry him. That was the first I had heard of it. It was amazing. I just thought of him as a friend.

Well, we all paid our respects at the funeral by approaching the body and saying a few words. I was quite scared but did it. Anyway, while I was leaving my car wouldn’t work. Being one of the last people leaving the area, I asked one of the airline engineers and maintenance guys to help me. They tried everything. In the end, they all told me to go to the tomb and ask to take my leave. I thought it was silly but I did it. Although it was frightening, all dark and scary in the tomb, I prayed and asked if he could make sure I got home safely.

When I returned to my car, you guessed it, my car started up perfectly.

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