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The Curse

Here’s one my mother told me, she used to live in Malaysia before moving to Australia. One of my ancestors. great grandfather or something, ran a successful business, he was pretty rich and lived in a big house with servants.

One night he was having a party as he often did when a beggar presented himself at the doorstep. The beggar asked for food, reasoning that there was so much food in abundance at the party there would surely be something to spare. It was a servant that answered the door and he promptly turned the beggar away, not wanting him to be seen loitering around the premises with guests present. The beggar asked him to change his mind but to no avail.

At this point the beggar revealed his true self, he was in fact some kind of fairy and he wrote a curse on the concrete outside the house and vanished. The household was horrified, after much scrubbing the curse would not wash off.

This curse caused the downfall of the business and the cursed man died penniless shortly afterward.

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