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Realistic Dream?

This is not really a ghost story, but it’s still some unexplained stuff. Have u ever had a realistic dream? A dream so realistic, it’s like it really happened? Well, these are my self experience….

Well, it happened some 3 years ago. It was a Friday night and I for some reason, I couldn’t sleep. I was like starring at the ceiling, wit my eyes widely opened…After laying there for about an hour or so, I suddenly saw an old woman standing next to me, beside the bed. I was so shocked! I could not move (like my first experience wit spirits). I shut my eyes, hoping that the ‘THING’ would go away. After some time(I did not know how long I shut my eyes, but I definitely DID NOT FELL ASLEEP AS I WAS SO DAMN FRIGHTENED!) I opened my eyes and that ‘THING’ was still there, looking at me! This time, it tried to touch my face, and I totally freaked out, and I opened my eyes again and she was gone. Sounds confusing? Let me tell u clearly…

I lay on my bed with my eyes opened, I saw an old woman at my bed, I shut my eyes, I opened my eyes again, that old woman tried to touch my face, AND I OPENED MY EYES AGAIN!

When I opened my eyes, everything was the same, the radio was still playing, only without the Old woman. I did not sleep that night.


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