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Hantu ‘Mat Rock’

This is a personal encounter of mine in Australia and happened while I was staying in this student residential college in a room all to myself. I had been allocated this room in the residential college and was staying there for a while without much event in that room. Well actually I had some incidents happening to me in that room before the big one came. When I first moved in I had this persistent feeling someone was looking over my shoulder each time I was sitting at the desk doing my reading. For your information at that time the desk was against the window pane facing an open field with the door behind me. I used to lock the door but got this nagging feeling that someone was looking over at my shoulder everytime I worked at the desk.So to allay this feeling, I decided to turn the desk to face the door. Well anyway during the summer holidays most of the other student residents would leave their rooms and head to wherever. For security purposes and maintenance, the remaining student residents would move to a wing of the residential college over the summer and I was no exception. At the end of the summer holidays I came back to my old room.One night before most of the other student residents reoccupied their rooms, I was awoken by this strong shaking of my bed and there was this strong evil presence in the room. I could see from the […]

Pontianak Rider?

It was an usual night out with my girlfriend. We were having a wonderful time when she complained that she was not feeling too good. Well, being the gentleman as I am of course I send her home. She was staying in Tampines and I had the choice of either using the TPE (Tampines Expressway) or to cut though the Old Tampines Rd. Since, it was quite late already, I decided to glide through TPE. When we reached her place soon, I chatted with her parents for a while and left for home soon after. Now I had to decide on which route to take again. Since I was tired and hungry, I decided to take the Old Tampines Rd, being the shorter one and it is also near to Hougang where there are coffee place where i can take some snacks. Nothing happened on the road though I must admit that I was feeling rather uneasy. Half way through, I was beginning to feel like something is sitting behind me. My bike was feeling heavier by the second and no matter how hard I turned the throttle, the 200cc bike could not go faster. I was running on full tank. I was beginning to feel a little spooked. I sensed something is behind me and I felt something brushing on my neck. Come to think of it, it actually felt like hair! Well, I couldn’t sustain my curiosity and quickly turned my head to see what’s (or who’s) bothering […]

Ngee Ann Poly Haunted?

Have you been to Ngee Ann Poly? If you have, i’m sure you would had noticed that it was build on top of a hill. Rumours were going around that it was built on bunkers and certain part of the school was built on cemeteries. Students in Ngee Ann who needed to stay back late night to finish work, often would hear chain sounds being dragged around the sports hall area. According to students who had orientations before the start of their school term, the orientators would often advise them not to wander into the toilets of lecture halls between BLK 26 – BLK 33 at night. It was said that the sensors to the lights in the toilet would behave strangely. Then there was the famous motorbike sound at BLK 73 which always comes on at 12am with no motorbike to be seen. Infact there was a story about Ngee Ann students capturing some entities on videocam while doing some work. I have known Jenny since my primary school days. Jenny went to Ngee Ann poly and her dad was a lecturer there. She told me that before she started her course, her dad always warn her to avoid the sports hall and swimming pool area as many strange incidents had happened there before as it was built on cemeteries. I wonder why schools are always built on cemeteries? Or is it stories that were meant to make students more obedient? What do you think?

Haunted Hospital?

Hospitals are always one of the top few places where spooky stories are treated with respect. The only reason why this is so is because a hospital is one place where people die almost every other day. During the SARS period, a friend of mine was working in this ward which harbored all the confirmed cases which they called the “probable”. She said after that, strange occurrences like dark shadows or feeling “presence” is a norm. For me personally i always feel spooked looking at those lonely corridors with dark rooms that looked like storeroom or whatnot that is really spooky if you were to look inside. I heard that one good indication of their presence is when things get misplaced or things disappears only to appear an unlikely location. I’ve heard of cleaners talking about meeting rooms being messed up completely eventhough it wasn’t been used for a while and had been locked all the time. One of my friend is a nurse who works at the night shift. As night nurse, they have to make their rounds every other hour to ensure everything is okay and whats famous in her hospital was on a certain level, at a specific corner, when walking along the corridor, a faint buddhist chanting would fill the air. Then there was also stories about call bells being sounded repeatedly though the bed wasn’t occupied. For me, personally i do admire the courage of those nurses who had to pit their courage against of […]

Do You Believe?

Are you a believer or a non-believer of the supernatural? Do you dare to go to a cemetery and walk around graves alone? Do you find your guts wanting for such an experience? If you do not believe, then what are you afraid of? Ok, maybe you would say there are no ghost but still there are animals like snakes and monkeys around so it is still not safe. Or some people think of it as a form of respect for the dead eventhough they believe they do not exist in any form anymore. Personally I am a non-religious person but i am still very curious about supernatural stuff. If you were to ask me to stay overnight at a cemetery alone I wouldn’t dare not because i am timid but i am 50-50 about their existence and their ability to harm. But if you talk to an army person who needs to camp at the tombstones at various cemeteries, they will tell you what is there to feel scare? But then again, it could be all in the mind as when they are in the cemetery as a soldier, their target is probably the enemies and not ghost. Morever they are usually with a group of soldiers and also they are armed with weapons and the “crest” of the beret i suppose will help too. So i guess the “mission” is different for them and for others who specifically goes there to get some cheap thrills. So do you […]

Someone Call You Out?

Have you heard of stories about people going home at night, walking through quiet lanes or quiet stairs hearing people calling them out? This friend of mine told me how she got spooked once when she was walking home from Tampines MRT to her block which was about 20 minutes away. She said she was walking below the MRT track and it was about 1230am and as it was a week day, there wasn’t a single soul to be seen. So what happened was as she was walking half way through her walk, suddenly she heard a soft spoken “hello hello”. It was believed that if someone ever tap your shoulder from behind, never turn your head to look behind, instead turn your entire body. This is due to the blowing off your own lights which we all are suppose to have one at each shoulder. Well then so is it safe to turn out head and check out who it was if we hear someone calling us? Normally if a spirit is indeed calling out to you, there are only a few reason why it is doing so. First, you may had “disturbed” his properties without realising like stepping on his offerings or peed on him accidentally. Second, they may need your help as it is believed that people who got murdered and then body disposed without anyone knowing, their spirit will continue to lingers around that area because no proper burial services and rituals had been done. Third […]

Can Kids See?

Do you believe that kids can see things? There had been many reported cases of kids seeing something that adults can’t see. Personally i have heard of one such incident amongst my relatives. When my cousin was little, she would be left alone in the house for morning as her parents need to work as they operate convenience store. So my aunt will return at around 11am to bring her lunch. What happened was on one occasion when my aunt returned home, she found her one side of her daughter’s eye brow had been trimmed. She ask who did it for you and she said her friends, and my aunt ask “WHO?” and she pointed at the window in her room, meaning her friend came from there. Another story i heard from a close friend was that she had her 3rd eye opened when she was borned, as such, she was always telling her parents about “people in black and white shirts eating the food on the altar”. Her parents spent a lot of time with different priests to rid her of her 3rd eye eventually. Normally it would be hard to imagine kids lying about such things because if they are a kid, how can they like about something that they have not heard? And some had attributed the reason of kids crying for no reason to them been able to see things they’re not suppose to see. Some theories had it it is normal for kids between the […]

Haunted House – Jurong West

This is based on a true story that happened when i was living in my old apartment in jurong… My apartment was on the fourth floor and directly facing an eerie looking tree.(pls note that the tree was not the problem) When my family first shifted in, everything was ok and we love the place as it was a peaceful neighbourhood and we had a good time in the house. Then it started, my sister was the first one to be affected by it. One night while sleeping she said that she felt someone waking her up. She told me that by instinct she went straight to the window and to her horror she found a figure without head was sitting on the swing at the playground (her room faces the playground and our hall faces the spooky tree). She just froze when suddenly the thing stops swinging as if it realises my sister was watching her. She then quickly snapped out of it and went to my mother’s room to sleep.The second incident happened to her was one day when she was watching tv with me late at night, she said she saw a white shadow dashing pass from my mother’s room to my room. As i’m not a believer of the supernatural, I just brushed it aside. My mother too experienced a similar encounter while she was taking a nap in the afternoon. She felt that someone came and held her down. She claimed that she saw a […]

Changi Airport T1

This story happened in the year 1991 when the T2 was still having ongoing construction. I remembered the construction was into the final phase and I was then working as a ground hostess now retitled to Passenger Service Agents(PSA) with CIAS. As usual we were always working together as a team, preparing all the transit cards for transit passengers and preparing the files and documents needed for departing flights that had been assigned to us. On that eventful day, while waiting for the a flight to arrive, myself and a colleague were suddenly assigned to another arrival flight as the staff on that flight were stucked with another flight. Our supervisor helped us to prepare the transit cards as we needed to get the total number of cards correct for the total number of passengers so everyone was helping out then. Me and my colleague ran towards the gate which i remembered distinctly to be E72. This boarding gate is the date that connects T1 to the new T2. So while waiting for the aircraft to come into the aerobridge, my colleague wanted to go to the loo which was just a walk away. The atmosphere was quiet at that time as there isn’t a lot of aircrafting landing at that time. Few minutes later, my colleague came out, shivering with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was looking really pale and i jokingly said “you looked like you’ve seen a ghost’ and she suddenly put her 2 hands into […]

The Funeral

I actually heard this story from my cousin-in-law during my grandfather’s funeral about two years ago. However before I continue I would just like to share an incident which happened during my grandfather’s funeral. As I am a Chinese , you know how we have quite a complicated funeral ritual. The Chinese believe that the dead person’s spirit actually linger around at his or her own funeral until the process is finished. I am poorly informed of such complex things but what happened on the last few days of my frandfather’s funeral was that there was this priest who scattered ashes on the floor.Apparently the ashes was meant to have human footprints or animal footprints. If a human footprint appears it would mean that the dead person will be incarnated as a human in his or her next life.If it was an animal’s footprint then the person will become an animal. Well , what happened was freaky because after the ashes was being scattered a few seconds later footprints appeared on the ashes. My grandmother told me that it belonged to my late grandfather. That was really freaky. Another story which pulls more weight in terms of paranormality was told by my cousin-in-law. One morning at about 3am her friend was at home sleeping and was awaken by someone knocking on her apartment door. She got up and opened the door but there was no one there.However as soon as she closed the door , she heard her father calling […]

NCC Spec Course

I heard this from my NCOs. They told me they themselves witnessed it and some other Part D cadets(esp, the female cadets) also experience this. So, I guess what I’m going to say is true… It was around mid june last year and my current batch of NCOs were going for their Specialist Course at Sembawang base. In one of the nights, something happened in the girls’ bunk. It couldn’t have been a prank since no one(except female CLTs or female COs) was allowed to be near the girls’ bunk. You see, all of the cadets were sleeping in the barracks and the beds were all double decker. In the middle of the night, while everyone was sound asleep, 2 of the girls who were sleeping on the upper deck fell to the ground. Moreover, their bed were beside one another… Their fall created a stir that woke the whole bunk up. When the lights in the barracks were swtiched on, all of the girls saw a baby-like figure on the bed belonging to one of the girls who fell. The figure was grinning at them. All of them felt the creeps and there was a chilling feeling in the air. They noticed that there was a unique sign on the figure’s forehead. Soon, the figure vanished. The girls decided to keep quiet about this. On the next day, every cadets were supposed to clean their barracks to prepare themselves for bunk inspection. In the girls’ bunk, the lockers were […]

Guardian Angel? Or ‘Qs’?

Let me start by explaining what I meant by ‘Qs’. Qs is a so-called given name of a type of ghosts by me since the westerners do not recognise this ghost that I’m about to describe. Qs’ appearance & description are as follows:- 1. they appear as human forms 2. they can be easily identified in the day, when in the night, they can be identified only under lights or rather, street lights since that’s what they have on the streets. 3. when under light, they appear to be translucent, in other words, you can see through them but not totally. 4. in the night, they look just like humans 5. Qs are really friendly ghosts, unless provoked, they would not harm you in any way. 6. Qs are also helpful ghosts. A little playful but not mischievous. 7. Qs wait for an appropriate time when they know they can trust the person, they’ll then appear before that person. 8. Qs’ faces are normally not clear to be seen, unless you go upclose and personal. 9. They would not communicate with human beings therefore, so far I don’t really understand Qs except for the above vague informations that I complied in my encounters of Qs. Ok I’ll start my encounter actual. It happened in Bugis Junction area. There’s this main road that separates Bugis Junction from the small pubs and cafe, if I’m not wrong, there’s a cafe called the Java or something like that and the opposite side is […]

The UDMC Chalet

It all happened say 3 years back? My brother and his other 9 friends (it was an all-guy chalet) went to the UDMC chalet at Pasir Ris… Well, being mischievous as they are, they were curious and wanted to find out more about “cartoon” (that’s what my brother calls it, but you know better what it meant). So at around 2 – 3 a.m in the morning, they set off to the marshes behind the chalet building. The place was totally isolated at that time, even the trees are hard to spot. Well then, they marched on in a single file, all 10 brave, retarded young men. As they were moving, they came to a T-junction which splits the path into 2, 1 leading to the right and the other, left. After some discussion, they decided to take the right way in. Strolling in with only 2 torches, the place was really pretty dim and their visibility very much affected, adding to it was that there was totally no light source at all, other then the faint moonlight to guide them through this dark eerie path. While moving forward, the first guy in the file hit on something hard, somewhat like a hump on the ground. As he couldn’t see properly what was that he was steppin’ on, he didn’t bother much. He also felt something falling off the so-called “hump” thingy. Soon they all came to a dead end, and headed back fer the T-junction. The strange thing was, […]

Don’t Anyhow Touch

This really happened to my dad. Couldn’t recall exactly when but I received a call from my mom late one night asking if I can go home straight away because dad is behaving strangely and claimed that he saw a lady at the corner of the bathroom when he went to take a leak. I told my mom I would love to go but I’m really terrified with all these strange encounters. I told her to call my Uncle to gather a couple of church members over to “take care of the situation”. Few days later, things sort of cool down. I later learnt from my mum that actually my dad has behaving strangely few weeks ago. One night he was in a trance as if something was trying to enter his body. He yelled for my mom telling my mom he is in pain. My mom immediately went on her knees to pray, during the course, my dad asked her why are there so many “visitors” in the house.(Since I moved out, my dad and mom lived by themselves.) The ‘thing’ went away eventually. My mom told me one of those nights after preparing dinner she will ask my dad to the table. That particular night, she didn’t because dad was sound asleep and she didn’t want to disturb him thinking he would be probably be very tired. She was watching TV when dad woke up and asked her if she had woke him up earlier. He claimed that […]


I was once working in the Prisons Department and was attached to the Kaki Bukit Centre. It was a normal routine night as other nights in my night shift, I was deployed to take charge of Post No 2 at 0200hrs to 0400hrs. Initially, when I took over duty everything seems ok and fine until 0230hrs in the early morning. Just beside my post station, there were 4 angsana trees. There were 5 or 6 stray dogs howling like crazy looking up at the trees. I shone the big dragon post light up the trees and nothing was discovered! I guess the dogs noticed my participation too. Soon after, a few minutes later the dogs were seen running away from the area with their tails tucked in with a stupid crying like sound. Strangely after that, time seems to come to a still! I couldn’t hear anything nor feel anything, there was no wind no nothing!!! And then the sweet fragrance of rose like smell arose!!! At first, it was a mild one and it grew more intense!!! I guess I was going berserk but I controlled my composure. I got the post dragon light again and started torching the nearby vicinity, the trees, the pathments, just name it! There was nothing!!! Suddenly, the post surrounding concentina wires started shaking and then I saw this “thing”, perched up on the concentina wire just like a bird with its hairs let down covering the face!!! God!!! what a view it was!! […]

The ‘Shaking’ Figure

This story is actually told by a friend of mine, Z. It happened at Upper Pierce reservoir at night. My friend, Z and her boyfriend, A have just had their late dinner. They have nowhere to go so they decided to spin around in the car at night. When suddenly, her boyfriend has this little “idea” to enjoy the night. You see, her boyfriend wanted to check in to one of the budget hotel but my friend she worried if someone she know will see so her boyfriend brought her to Upper Pierce Reservoir. To cut the story short, A drove in the small road bringing them deeper and deeper into the reservoir. Of course, there is no car could be seen, only trees. Despite the lights from the lamp posts, the little road was very dark and it was very errie. A was still driving goin further into the Reservoir. Z could not imagined if the car broke down. After about 10 min driving, A stopped at a spot. He locked the car and started to get on with his little “idea”. They were naked in the car and doin the(mmm…shaking)enjoying their private moment with no souls around. Half way through the “shaking”, suddenly A, looked up as he thought he heard something. He could not see anything outside the window so he continued again. This time, he heard as if somebody threw a stone at the car rooftop. He looked up again and saw nothing. Again, he ignored […]

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