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A Grave Digger

I am going to share a story with you which i heard personally from my retired uncle who used be a grave digger at muslim cemetery….. ….but try reading this story alone at midnight… My uncle used to work at the muslim cemetery by digging holes during his prime years…He is a tall and big fellow but he does not has any proper education, which, as a result made him end up with such a vocation….”it is the most peaceful and non-stressful job”, he said. However he added that the beginning was very ‘tough ‘ and it takes a strong, brave and clean pure heart with a lot of faith to endure the initial stages….. When he started the job about 40 yrs ago, he had to dig about 10 holes per day on average under closed supervision and sometimes there were more holes needed to be be dug, depending on the death rates… Then there was this ‘memorable’ night where, he had to work ‘overtime’ due to unfinish digging…there were a few diggers working that night, but they are not working at close proximity to each other…the diggers actually prefer to work in the grave yard shift as it was cooler at night and the soil are softer to be dig, they claimed theoretically… As an ‘apprentice’ my uncle was accompanied by his supervisor for the initial weeks which subsequently he will be left alone to dig independently …His supervisor also cautined him many times, on a few things […]

Cockpit Hotel

Have u ever noticed an old hotel somewhere around orchard road…..(can’t remember the road’s name) the Cockpit Hotel. I’m sure all of u have heard the news that it’s gonna be pulled down soon… soon? I don’t know….maybe this story will tell u the reason why it is still there…. Well, the owner of the hotel might know something abt this…..that is why he has been keeping his distance from Singapore authority. I was told that they have been trying to contact him for months……with regards to what happened to one of their contractors. U see, normally they will use this big machine to hack the building with the ‘big pendulum’ thingy bit-by-bit. But they can’t use that as there are limited space for the machine……with roads and other buildings around it…… So they decided to hack it slowly ….manually. But it failed. No one can ever seem to hack even a simple wall down….even with the use of that ‘noisy drilling machine’ nothing happened to the building. The authority have started to worry abt it, as plans have been made on that piece of land. They tried to contact the owner of the building again (not a local)……but received no response after a few faxes and calling abt the hotel earlier. At the very same time, one of the contractor’s foremen decided to give it a try…..hacking down one end of the the walls with his ‘mallet’, resulting with a dent and a simple crack in the wall….followed by […]

Red Hooded Girl

My story is kind of spooky cos my fren actually experienced it too. At that time, i was only 11. I lived in a HDB flat in Tampines but now I moved out-in Tampines also. It was late at night and i went to sleep. Suddenly, i sense a presence in my room. I don’t know whether my siblings sense it or not as they were sleeping soundly. Then i opened my eyes a bit and i saw a girl with a red dress with a red round hat standing in front of my bed. I got to admit the girl looked cute but not scary. Then she suddenly she started to opened her mouth and try to say something. I can still remember what she said to me. The words were-”Don’t move or else you’ll die”. Of course she said that to me in malay. The weird thing is she said it way out loud and my siblings didn’t even got woken up. Only i hear her. So i followed what she say cos she looked really serious. I got a glance at the clock and it was 4 in the morning. I couldn’t do much but just stay still in my position feeling almost part of my body numb. The next thing i knew it was 9 in the morning. I could not explained what happened back then. Until now i was wondering who was that little girl. Was it a dream? And why me? After several years […]

The Sun Goes Down

The night that played with me, happened just last year on a humanless Saturday night. The time was around close to 12am. People believed that it’s “their” playtime. Personally, i don’t believe that. “They” are already with us throughout our daily lives. Just believe that you’re never alone even when you are. Around the area where i lived, is said to be “occupied”. “Occupied” with something they call, “The Queen”. She is said to be the “strongest” in the area. Then i wonder how many there are actually. As i walk down the lonely road, i heard a dog howlling. I should have known it was a sign. And i should have never walked alone. While walking towards the dumping site, there was something really wrong with the surroundings. The lights flicker, the wind rises, weird darkness crept in and i could swear i smell a sweet scent. All points to a presence of the other side. Like a stupid ass like i have always been, i stopped in my tracks. I just wanted to see if it is all real. I was really out of my mind. It should be real; the signs, the dogs howling. I should have moved, towards the safety of my own house and room. I closed my eyes and as these thoughts run through my head, it was already too late. I could feel it. It was already here. The sounds of flap that sends the chill down your spine and all the way […]

BMT In Tekong

During my BMT in Tekong, heard many stories but have not encountered any personally. Personally i feel if you think right, it won’t affect you. I remembered hearing pork wasn’t allowed in our camp and it needed to be blessed and stuff when they were brought into the cookhouse(non Muslim of course) for cooking. Anyway during my BMT, i had an interesting section mate who spent a couple of years at overseas who doesn’t believe the pork rumors. So on the parent visiting day, he made his parent bring along the Chinese BBQ roast pork(Bak Kwa) which he intended to bring it to the bunk. From what i know, our instructors were not very happy about it and for no reason at night, he suddenly got fever and pneumonia. Pneumonia normally would have some symptoms like coughing and what not but interestingly his came immediately without any sign. Then also heard of stories of recruits who woke up in the middle of the night to visit toilet and met something strange like another recruit staring into the mirror or wearing “funny” attire which apparent belongs to the WW2 generation. There was once in my section, when i come out from the toilet, i saw a group of recruits huddled together whispering. I later found out that the night before, a jockey cap which was hung on one side of the locker started swaying on its own in the middle of the night! And it began to swing more and more […]

Tekong Gryphon

I was enlisted in the army in 1997 Jan. My personal experience with the supernatural was when i was prowling during my guard duty. Then our camp were the current SISPEC camp which was called camp 3. We were suppose to prowl from the guard room up the cookhouse across the MPH down the staircase and around the perimeter of the parade square and then straight through to the HQ and then up the hill beside the ammo dump then return to the guard room. The time allocated for the walk is 45 mins therefore we need to walk at a super slow speed in order not to return earlier. The funny thing was there will always be 3 dogs following us as we prowl. The incident happened when we were walking across the MPH. Now for those who had stayed in this camp, you must had heard of stories regarding the MPH at night when noises coming out of it. What happened was prowlers the previous night had heard knockings from inside the MPH while prowling and they report back to guardroom and the guards com brought men with loaded weapons to check but couldn’t find anything. Just then as we were about to walk down the staircase, we heard it, the knockings. My buddy says we better go but i was really curious and also we were armed with shield and baton so i ask him to check it out together. As we approach the MPH, we knock […]

Brunei and Tekong

When i was doing my jungle confidence course in Brunei, we were on top of this hill called Mount Biang for the night. The nearest civilisation was about 6km away and as it was quite high, the weather was cold and raining. I remembered hearing some prayers while trying to sleep. The next morning i ask my mates and they all said they heard it last night. The malay guys especially said they all dreamt about something spooky in their sleep. But as we were really shack out in that mission, we couldn’t care about it. Another incident was when we were doing mission training in Tekong near the beach area which was near to SIT test area. We were suppose to do topo which is navigation in vegetation with only the help of moonlight to guide us. We were following one another in one line and i was talking and trying follow the outline of the guy when he suddenly disappears! And i realised i wasn’t following a guy but a shadow of something! So lucky i had my mates behind me and i told them i don’t know why the figure i was following under the moon light suddenly gone missing. We retraced our route and took us some time to link up with the rest. Another place in Tekong which is supposed to be very haunted is the Unum area which is a muddy swamp area near the Tekong hotspring. This place is a very strange place […]

Bukit Batok Nature Park

This is a TRUE story in which was experienced by not 1, not 2 but more than 10 people! It happened @ night, about 12 am @ Bukit Batok Nature Park. There were about 20 of us. We were having an overnight sleepover @ a place nearby. After we had our prayers and dinner, one of the senior Abang suggested to have a night outing to BBNP for fun and thrill. Immediately everyone agreed without thinking the outcome of the planned visit to a mini-jungle, full of unearthly creatures, especially late @ night… Well, we made our way there on foot and as group, we were in high spirits, afraid of nothing…(Yah like real like that). We made our way up the slope and @ first we saw something moving in the distance. When we inspected it, it was actually a young couple trying to enjoy…well you know THAT thing. Duh! Thought it was a ghost…wasted…but later, we got what we wanted. As we trodded up the tracks and through the vegetation, dogs howls were heard.(Those eerie type like in the movies) Some of us began to ask whether this was a good idea. The howls got more and more and got louder and louder as we approached the lake area further in the park. When we reached the lake, things suddenly became utterly quiet…too quiet. The senior Abang-Abangs then told each of us to find an own spot and do some self-reflecting on our actions. Then,frog croaks were heard. […]

One Thursday Nite

Couple of years back, I was sitting with my ex at Pasir Ris Park just chatting and laughing. It was rather late, around midnight on a Thursday night. We were sitting facing the fishing pond and near it was a huge tree. For no reason, I felt I had to look at the tree. I saw on its branches, a huge white owl. You guys know that the owl is said to be one of the forms the Pontianak loves to assume. It was looking straight at us but I just pretended not to see. My ex who realized that I’d gone quiet followed my gaze and exclaimed ‘Eh Na, apa tu kat atas pokok?’ (Eh Na, what’s that up on the tree?) I cursed under my breath, he had to say that! I got up, told him to walk to the bridge and just walk calmly. It was too late, I saw the thing start to take flight, this time it had reassumed its original shape. What started as the 2 of us walking away calmly (I was calm, he was going to faint) turned into us running like mad for the nearest void deck where we thought we’d be safe. We were wrong, the thing followed us and was just above our heads. I grabbed him and we must have run across nearly half of Pasir Ris until we reached the central. Thank God there were still lots of people around. I did turn around and I saw […]

Charlie Coy

Heard this story from a friend who was enlistend into Charlie Coy in 2001. He was doing guard duty and prowling near the SOC ground which was near the end of the camp which is just beside a river which was rumoured to be haunted. When he reached the SOC ground, he saw a woman like figure with long hair and in white crawling on the floor. He then freaked ou and shouted ghost and pointing at the ground. He fainted and was brought to the sickbay. Next day when hw was sleeping in the bunk at around 1am, he saw the same figure again this time standing outside looking into the bunk through the windows. He shouted and woke up the whole section. He told the whole section what he saw and for the rest of the night, the whole section was sleeping together “shoulder to shoulder”

School of Signals

I was from the School of Signals. Back in 2001 when i was doing my singla course, i was required to do guard duty at times and whenever we reached this build called Lecture block, we would take a rest at the staircase. There was this incident when we were resting, we suddenly saw the toilet light turned on by itself. We were sitting there for the entire time and we swear nobody went in. It was a very old toilet and had no sensor of sorts fixed. The strangest thing were after that we heard flushing sounds from the toilet and then the light will turn off by itself again! And thats not the end, we can hear boots walking sound thereafter and what sounded like someone walking away from us. Thought someone was playing prank on us and so we shouted “HALT”. There was pure silence after that and we run like hell after! In our camp, there is also a famous 5 storey building which was always locked up. Some recruits had the chance to went in there and saw many paper charms. Not sure what is the story behind those charms but some recruits had saw before priest came in vans to perform rituals inside the building. Back in my BMTC days, i was in this Coy called ULYSIS. There was a famous story about a recruit from the batch before mine, who went to the toilet in the middle of the night and came face […]

Stagmont Camp

After my BMT, i was posted to School of Signalers which is the Stagmont Camp. The year was 1997. I was to attend the Basic Signaller Course there. For those who had stayed in that camp, i believe you would had heard of stories about the building beside the guardhouse. My platoon was warned about going into that building especially at night. It was rumoured that the padlocks used in the buildings were held together using chains and with talisman on top of every single lock. A few of my platoon mates were not superstitious about such thing and infact very curious, so they went up the building on night and came back with some stories. According to them, there were indeed talisman on every padlock which were used to lock the bunks. From the windows, they could see the bunks were completely empty, not even a single furniture is inside. So nothing much happened in the building. But what they did not expect was something happening to them at night. As we were having breakfast the next morning, one guy was asked what was the commotion in the middle of the night as he was asleep he heard a someone wake up in the middle of the night and was talking in hokkein very loud with another guy. But the thing was nobody woke up in the night and nobody even heard anything. An uneasy silence fell over the table and the conversation ends there. We then went out […]

Pulau Sudong

I was posted to Pulau Sudong as a RP. Pulau Sudong is a ghost town whereby only 4 RPs were required to be on duty at any one time together with 4 firemans. As i was nearing my ORD date, i can be considered one of the old bird among the prowlers. As such i was often given lesser duty as the younger birds would take more. There was this occasion when i was resting inside the rest room which was technically an empty room save for a lousy mattress. I remembered waking up in the middle of the night feeling cold and chilling. I look outside which was directly facing the ops room where the guys were playing PS2. But suddenly i found myself unable to move when i tried to change my sleeping position from lying flat to sideway position. I tried very hard but can’t. I felt like something was pressing on me i was going to shout only to realise i can’t! As a religious person i tried to chan some sutras in my heart and slowly i regained my movement. I turned then tried to stood up and at the corner of my eyes, saw a shadow dashing out of the room. I then quickly went out and my mates upon seeing me looking pale asked me whats wrong and i told them the incident. They went quiet and. The next day we spoke to our PC about it and he told us it wasn’t […]

Shaw Tower Cinema

Cinemas are rumoured to be haunted because the fact it is a transitional place. The same as toilets, corridors and storerooms where people don’t spend a lot of time at the place. Of course another criteria is that it must be dark enough for those brothers to lurk comfortably away from the sun. The cinema is dark for perhaps 80% of the time when the lights would be off as movies were being screened. The below story i’m going to relate to you happened to me about 10 years ago at the famous Shaw Tower Cinema. Then i was doing a 933 movie marathon because it was having a good promotion so i joined my friends eventhough i was extremely tired. It was almost 3am when i went to the ladies alone. I assumed i was the only one in the toilet because i had saw that all doors of the cubicles were not shut. After doing my business, i was looking at the mirror and suddenly i heard the sound of a woman sighing. I then looked around to confirm the entire toilet is empty and i quickly walked out of the toilet. After sitting down for 5 minutes, my friend went to the toile and she came back too. Then i told her ” i have something to tell you but i will tell you after the show finished” and she said ” i also have something to tell you!” So both of us quickly went out and […]

Seventh Month

The Hungry Ghost Festival starts somewhere between July and August every year. It is an event where believers said spirits from hell were released on a one month holiday and they are roaming around looking for food and fun. As such believers have certain rules where they observe as a show of respect for those spirits. During the 7th month, it is common to see the swimming pool having lesser business. People are quite reluctant to stay out till late. There will be road shows being held with singers and performers putting out a show for our brothers and sisters which is called “Ge Tai”. Chinese would never marry in this month thinking you might be inviting uninvited guests who will of course eat for free. But there are people who believed otherwise. Naturally the cost of staging a wedding is going to come down due to bad business so many would take the opportunity to get married in order to save cost. Then there is another group of people who believed that the 7th month is infact a lucky month. At the stroke of 12am, many people can be found making offerings, burning hell notes for the heaven as according to their beliefs, it is an auspicious time to do something good for the heaven. They believe the deeds would be returned many times over. Then, there are people who believed that you have to be careful when you go out because the floors would be littered with “kim […]

Die Xian

It is believed that if you hold a pencil and ask a question, the pen guardian will answer your question on a piece of paper. Something along the line like die xian or ouija board or the coin spirit game. But these games need a minimum of 2 person to play. And it can be very spooky. It is believed that if you ever ask for any favours from those brothers, you gotta return the favour in other form or face unfortunate incidents. I used to watch my friends play when i was primary school, i never got the chance to play but strangely enough it seems the question they asked, the answer is almost always accurate. Interestingly some had said that psychologically, these games allow the assess of the subconscious mind, which is the effect of you talking to yourself which can lead to some psychological problem while others said there are real spirits or demons from around the surrounding getting into the pencils or coins to communicate with us. I’m not sure whether have you heard of automatic art or automatic writing. Actually the spirit of the pen is linked to something called parapsychology which is the strange ability some people have like producing arts, writing novels, drawings, music without actually being aware of what they are doing. Their hand just move and many times works of artist were said to be bear remarkable resemblance to styles of dead artists. There were incidents where it was believed that […]

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