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The Foo-Fighters of WW II

WW II Document Research (In search of “Foo-Fighters”) By Andy Roberts (Originally published in: UFO BRIGANTIA No 66, JULY 1990) Every student of the history of UFOs knows of the phenomenon seen during WWII and known as foo-fighters, kraut fireballs or a variety of other names. Basically they were balls of light which followed and hovered around `planes of all nationalities both in daylight and after dark. Research into this subject has been undertaken by myself on behalf of the Fund for UFO Research. Foo-fighter research shows the genesis of the modern UFO age and during my research I came across the old chestnut of the dreaded government “cover-ups”. For many ufologists WWII is the time when the cover-up really began and there are intimations in many writers’ books (Keel, Fawcett, Good for example) that both the US and UK governments were involved in separate studies of the foo-fighter phenomenon. These subjects are several articles long in themselves and we won’t go into them here, but for the record so far there is no documentary evidence of a cover-up of WWII UFO sightings, or even much interest on any government’s part. No, what we are trying to get to here are the facts surrounding one particular case of a WWII foo-fighter sighting, the cover-up implications and how ufology has dealt with it. So, as the walls melt and voices become fuzzy, let me take you back, back, back … OK, it’s October 14th 1943 and you’re a bomb aimer in […]

Cordell Hull saw Aliens in Glass Containers

Published: 6:13 AM 4/11/2001 William E. Jones writes, “I thought your readers should be aware of the Cordell Hull story that alien artifacts were in our hands in 1939.” In early December of 1999, the Center of UFO Studies received a letter from the daughter of the Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt: “Today I want to share some knowledge that has been, by request, kept secret in our family since sometime in World War II. This concerns something my father was shown by his cousin Cordell Hull, the Secretary of State under Franklin Roosevelt. “Snip, my father, who was young, brilliant, and sound of mind, told us this story because he didn’t want the information to be lost. One day when my father was in D.C,. Cordell swore him to secrecy and took him to a sub-basement in the U.S. Capitol building, and showed him an amazing sight: (1) Four large glass jars holding 4 creatures unknown to my father or Cordell [and], (2) A wrecked round craft of some kind nearby. “My father wanted my sister and I to make this information known long after he and Cordell were dead, because he felt it was a very important bit of information. We have researched your group {MUFON} and feel it is the most reliable group in the country. We hope that you will research and search this information. The jars with creatures in formaldehyde and the wrecked craft are somewhere! “Cordell said they were afraid they would start a panic […]

1930s Alien Picture from Alaska

Subj: Photograph taken by my grandfather Date: 8/14/2003 5:16:28 AM Central Standard Time From: (name withheld by UFO Casebook) To: File: (293329 bytes) Dear Sir, The included picture was taken by my grandfather in the early 1930s. I scanned the image immediately after he gave it to me last week. I wish to remain anonymous since I don’t want anything to do with any research or whatever on this. I know it looks like an alien or a Bigfoot and I know my grandfather was telling me the truth about him taking this picture. That’s why I think it should be in the right hands. You are the only one I’m sending this to, so please respect my privacy and don’t contact me about this. Thanks in advance, Yours, (Name withheld) The only additional information is contained on the bottom of the full size image, which tells us the following: The picture was taken in the early 1930s by the sender’s grandfather, who lived in Alaska. The entitiy was first seen when the grandfather was on his way to a lake. He chased the entity until he got close enough to take this one picture. It was some four months before the photograph was developed, being in in a remote, sparsely populated area. The sender received the picture from his grandfather only last week His grandfather died the day after giving him the photo, and relating his story. To say the least, I was intrigued by this mysterious message. […]

The Aurora, Texas Crash of 1897

The state of Texas has always been called the “big state.” This expression applies to many things, but is especially true regarding “tall tales.” I have heard them all of my life, and sometimes it is difficult to separate truth from fiction. Such is the case with one story that comes from the small town of Aurora. The town’s history book labels the community as “the town that almost wasn’t,” and that expression is directly related to the legend of a spaceship crashing into a windmill, and the burial of a small alien creature found in the aftermath. This event has become the most important news story to ever come out of this small Texas city. Aurora was designated a “historical site” by the State of Texas. The year was 1897, and this was the year of the “great airships” reports in the United States. As the story goes, it was on April 17, 1897, that a slow moving space ship crashed into a windmill, bursting into pieces. As the debris was searched through, supposedly the body of a small alien was discovered. Originally the alien pilot was dubbed the “Martian pilot.” Some of the debris also revealed material sketched with a type of hieroglyphic. The town folk gave the poor little creature a proper burial in the local cemetery. This incident, whether true or not, has had just enough publicity to stay afloat for over 100 years. It was made into a movie, “The Aurora Encounter” in 1986, starring […]

The Great Airships, First Encounters

Published: 11:38 AM 2/18/2000 Dayton, Ohio brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright were always interested in being able to soar in the skies. Being influenced by printed material of early German attempts with gliders, the two experimenters built their own glider in 1900. Early on, they tested different types of wing shapes, while honing their plane-making skills. By 1903, the brothers had built a 12-horsepower engine and two propellers. Late in the year, on December 17, they finally made their first flight. Though tagged as a plane, their first success in flight was actually done in a motorized glider. The flying apparatus had no way to steer it. The two had gained experience in motors while experimenting with motorized bicycles operating their own bicycle shop. The first historic flight at Kitty Hawk lasted only twelve seconds, but it was a start. By 1905, the brothers could stay in the air for up to 30 minutes, and even steer their plane. As far as we know, no one else had developed the capability of sustained air flight, at least on this planet. But early accounts of our first settlers included an occasional report of something flying in the sky. These happen chance sightings were normally made when one would check the sky for weather conditions, or see birds fly over. One of the very first sightings of what could be a UFO occurred as early as 1865, over 35 years before the first known flight at Kitty Hawk. Fortunately, there are still […]

Poachers sent packing by flying ball! (1880s)

A sighting of a UFO was made in the 1880s by miners-turned poachers at Padeswood, near Mold, who were disturbed by a “swirling ball of smoke with tongues of flame”. Richard Holland explains… It’s a common assumption that the UFO is a modern phenomenon belonging to the Space Age, but this is not the case. Strange lights in the sky have been causing conjecture for centuries. According to Buckley historian James Bentley some striking coal miners encountered what today we would call a UFO way back in the 1880s. Mr Bentley heard the story from relatives of two of the eye-witnesses. It seems that, starved of wages and therefore of food, a gang of miners dared to risk poaching on land belonging to one of the mine owners. If they had been caught it would have meant eviction, and possibly transportation which is why the following story was kept under wraps for so long. One dark moonless night the miners crept down to some fields at Padeswood, near Mold, to collect some snares previously left there. Suddenly they felt tense and afraid, as if someone was watching them. Glancing up, they saw a large, purplish-red luminous ball hovering above them! Silently it descended into the next field. At first the terrified poachers hid their heads under their nets but shortly, on feeling a lessening in the tension in the air, one of their number dared to peer over the hedge. A “swirling ball of smoke with small tongues of flame […]

January 1878, Denison, Texas Daylight UFO

The term “flying saucer” was made popular by a journalist covering Kenneth Arnolds’s sighting of nine flying disks in June of 1947. The journalist misquoted Arnold, who did not describe the objects as saucer shaped, but describes their strange movement as similar to a saucer thrown on water and bouncing several times: they “flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water.” But a Texan farmer, John Martin, used the term “saucer” 69 years earlier to describe the flying object he saw on a hunting expedition in the surroundings of Denison, Texas, on January 2, 1878. In this case also, “saucer” does not refer to the shape, but to the size of the observed object, as its shape was described as that of a balloon. John Martin saw the dark object high in the Southern sky. He first noticed it to be about the size of an orange, that grew in size as it got closer to him. After he had to rest his eyes, it had increased considerably in size and appeared to be going quite fast. When it was over him it was the size of a large saucer and at a great height. Because this UFO was dark, and not a mysterious light, reflective, or silvery, many scientists believe he saw a solid object against the sky, with the light behind it. The sighting was reported by the local newspaper Denison Daily News on January 25, 1878, with the title “A Strange Phenomenon.” The […]

1956, Navy Flight Encounters Gigantic UFO

It was early in 1959 when I learned of this hidden report – a startling encounter with a UFO. The lead came in a brief message from Admiral Delmar S. Fahrney, former Navy missile chief, whom I had known for years. “Captain James Taylor, USN, Rte., has an important UFO sighting made by a naval pilot and his crew. Call him at Spacetronics, Inc., in Washington, District 7-9481.” That night, when Captain Taylor gave me this dramatic Navy report, I could see why it had never been released to the public. Later, Admiral Fahrney and I met at the Army-Navy Club and discussed the details. Fahrney knew, as well as I did, of other hidden UFO cases – some of them highly significant. But this one stood out in importance. It had happened in 1956. Cruising at 19,000 feet, a Navy R7V-2 transport – a four-engine Super-Constellation – was flying west across the Atlantic Ocean. The next stop was Gander, Newfoundland. Final destination, Naval Air Station, Patuxent, Maryland. The night was clear, visibility unlimited. In the senior pilot’s seat, Commander George Benton was checking the dim-lit instruments. At thirty-four, Benton had a decade of Navy flying behind him. He had made the Atlantic crossing more than two hundred times. Back in the cabin were two extra Navy air crews, en route home from foreign duty. Most of these men were asleep. Including Benton’s regular and relief crews, there were nearly 30 airmen-pilots, navigators and flight engineers aboard the Constellation. As […]

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