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The Knocking Broom

A few years back, I went too visit my grandmother who had a big house. I was playing with my cousins. Their name were Lokman and Mustakim. I am Affandi oh. We stopped playing when we heard our uncle told his business friend to discuss at the garden. We have team, it was T.A.K. It is just for fun.

The jungle was facing a dark forest. It was Friday 12.00am the time they when down. After they went down, we followed them quietly. Our plan was to frightened them. At that time we were thirsty. We went to the kitchen to take a drink.

Here comes the scary part, when we were drinking, the broom outside the kitchen was knocking the window. We were frightened. We thought it was our uncle trying to frighten us. So we steadily called him. The broom was still knocking. We ran as fast as we could.

As we pass a store room it was knocking. At last we arrived at the staircase. Luckily my grandfather was there. We told him the story. He didn’t believe us so we ran upstairs. An hour later my cousin’s maid Maria when down to the kitchen. Her eyes can see ghost.when she walked up she told us on the way down she saw a hand trying to grab her.

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