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Psychic Ability

This doesn’t count as a ghost story per se, but kinda like some psychic/paranormal intuition or what have you. I remember it was long time ago, sometime in June 1999 I was driving at about 2am in the morning from KL after paying my parents a visit. My husband was in the car with me and I was 8 months pregnant. All of a sudden I started bawling uncontrollably, and he asked me what was wrong. I told him that my Grandfather had just died. His response….”Are you having one of those pregnant mood swings where everything upsets you again?” I said no, still very upset.

We got home, and went to bed. At 6am we get a phone call from my mum. “Hi Jen, this is mum. Your grandma just called and wanted me to let you know you granddad died this morning at about 3 am.” I went into hysterics. I woke up my husband and had my mum tell him. When he got off the phone he calmed me down, and to this day he thinks that is the weirdest thing he has ever witnessed. Everyone agrees that I have psychic ability but then no other incidents have happened to me again.

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