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Paper Car Accident

When I was in Secondary 3 during one of the band camps I attended, some of us woke up in the middle of the night (approx. 3am in the morning) to play hide and seek. I know, pretty stupid to play hide and seek at that timing. Anyway, two of my juniors followed me and the three of us went to hide at this hollow place at the bottom of the staircase. The parade square was just right beside us (there was a window in between). All of a sudden, we heard marching sound. We looked outside towards the parade square but see no one there. Who the hell would march in the middle of the night? We ran off hysterically

This happened to my mum’s friend’s daughter. She was waiting for a bus at one of the bus stops just opposite Bedok Reservoir at approx. 11pm. At that point of time, she was alone. She saw a car driving towards her. Mind you, it’s not a normal car. It’s the kind of paper car which we burn for the dead.

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