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St. John Island Camp

In Secondary 3, we went for the school camp at St John Island. All of us were sleeping the bunk beds. I was a scaredy-cat so I suggested to my friend that we should join our beds together. On the first night, my friend was sleeping in her bed while half my body was leaning across her bed as we were chatting.

After a while, she turned onto her side and slept close to the other edge of her bed. I tried to sleep since she wanted to sleep and I was still in the same position. SUDDENLY, I felt a hand brushing against my thigh! Gently slapping my thigh to ask me to move. I peeked open one eye as I thought in case it would be my friend. I saw her still sleeping at the other edge of the bed. I panicked!!

I let out a sleepy groan and pretended to be asleep. Slowly, I flipped over to my own side of the bed. The next day, my friend complained that she could not sleep because her bed was shaking throughout the night. Yet I felt nothing although my bed was joined next to hers!!

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