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Spooky Pillow

There used to be an Old Toa Payoh Hospital in Singapore. I’m not sure where but it’s being demolished. This incident happened to my uncle. Once he was sick in the middle of the night and the next day he had work so he went to the aforementioned hospital to be treated and get an MC. Then he went home. The hospital was on a hill so he was walking down the hill when suddenly, he felt the hairs at the back of his neck standing. Upon turning around, he saw the… bolster hopping towards him. Now, like I mentioned before, these bolsters don’t hop slowly. It’s like they hop and float at the same time. So it covered the distance between itself and my uncle within seconds.

My uncle quickened his steps. Thankfully, a taxi drove from the opposite direction towards him. The headlights fell onto the bolster and the driver quickly picked my uncle up and drove him away. My mom said that this story might have been untrue… if my uncle hadn’t came home smelling heavily of the oil Malays use to bury the dead.

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